Thrombosed hemorrhoid

Do you have Hemorrhoids and are contemplating or have had a Hemorrhoidectomy? If you are thinking of surgery, or want to ask questions on anything to do with Hemorrhoids, or want to share with others who have been through this, this is the place!

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Re: Thrombosed hemorrhoid

Postby Deleted User 7033 » 09 Mar 2018, 03:26

Yep Pine Oil has helped me immensely.
I've had ongoing issues for years now.
Some days I couldn't even get up after a bm from the excruciating pain.
When speaking with professionals in the medical industry the common answer was "they heal by themselves" I never once healed ever. Just had calm periods but never ever healed.
After a month of use I've just noticed my external hemmie has literally dissapeared which I've had for years and my internal fissure and hemmies have healed. Which were getting really painful and bleeding extensively.
I have now lessened the frequency of Pine Oil to twice a week as I'm in no pain.
If I feel an occasional twitch I'll take 5ml Pine Oil as a precaution.
But yes seriously its really good!!
Start with 5ml as it will detox your body and you may experience feeling unwell but its just your body detox from unwanted nasties like parasites and bacteria overgrowth.
Happy healing!
Deleted User 7033

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