Burning (deeper than 3 cm/above the dentate line)

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Burning (deeper than 3 cm/above the dentate line)

Postby Longing2Heal » 08 Dec 2017, 12:24

Hey everyone,

I've been sufferring for 9 months everyday. I had constipation and i strained then i started to feel burning, pulsing sensation and stinging.. about 3 or 4 cm inside the anus at 5 & 7 o'clock, the burning radiates to my genital area. Sometimes i have a feeling of incomplete evacuation, and bloating because the gases don't come out (maybe because the muscle spasms). 2 months ago i had a few slightly hard bm's which made the burning worse and i started to have a feeling of wetness inside the anus which radiates to my genitals but with no obvious dishcharge, and i feel there is something small moving inside.

I just lay on my side in pain until the muscles spasm and then the burning decreases, this is strange.. i read in other posts that spasms increase the burning and not the opposite. When i lay on my back on the floor and raise my legs on the bed for a few minutes the burning decreases then i start to feel something moving to 6 o'clock deep inside and i start to feel burning at this location.

I visited 6 doctors, no one used anoscope, they gave me different diagnosis: fissure, inflammation, hemorrhoids or muscle problems. I did colonscopy and it showed small hems grade 2 with inflammation of the mucosa where the hems are located. They gave me hydrocortisone, gtn, prep h, daflon, antibiotics, oral anti inflammatory and muscle relaxants but nothing really worked, i hardly got 10% better in the first few months. I tried sitz bath but it increased the burning, cold ice packs give me temporary relief. The dr who did the colonscopy didn't take a tissue sample to check if i have infection or crohn's, he said he didn't see anything wrong, can an infection or crohn's be seen without taking a sample?

I've been trying to learn about anal disorders, i read that the dentate line is located about 2 cm from the anal verge and the area above it should be insensate, so why do i have burning above the dentate line? The dr.'s said that hems don't cause this burning, so what's wrong? They seemed like they don't know and they are not giving me any solution.

The burning in my anus that radiates to my genitals is unbearable.. it hurts all these months to sit, stand, walk, lie down and bend, and now it's more painful especially walking. I'm terrified it's pudendal nerve damage, there are no specialists in this field where i live. I don't know what to do.. this pain has destroyed my soul, i never thought that such sadness could even exist.

If anyone have similar symptoms or have any ideas please let me know. Thanks.
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