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Re: Website design

Postby Corsi » 16 Aug 2008, 05:50

Kim Image Lecia Image Image
Image Corsica
King Fissure
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Re: Website design

Postby Deleted User 5 » 16 Aug 2008, 09:08

AF boardies are the best!!
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Re: Website design

Postby Savaici » 30 Sep 2013, 09:53

Thought I would bump this post from 2007 when the site was being redesigned! Do love Kim's idea back then of a pirate design :notacrook: . Just funning!!!! Love pirates. Could be because I grew up on a tropical island... :stars:
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Re: Website design

Postby Deleted User 5 » 30 Sep 2013, 16:45

We had lots of different themes for a while. Pirates, fairies, Valentines, Easter and Autumn, etc. Admin Lecia would buy many of these graphics and I'd install 'em. The graphics we just lost were a summer theme from a Scottish artist that she bought strictly for the board.

An Island theme would be cool, Savaici!
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Re: Website design

Postby Deleted User 2950 » 20 Oct 2013, 14:45

Hey Guys

Just looking through some of my mom's old CD's and discovered a huge collection of bought
Clip Art both digital photo type and simple drawn type. Many themes. I will put up a few on
website template, anyone want to see a certain theme, I'll see if I have it.

Willing to give clip art to you guys as I heard you'all were looking to purchase some.
I have about 1GB worth of it. Heard talk about pirate themes,
seaside, will look for that. Got some Corel clip art.

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Re: Website design

Postby Deleted User 2950 » 11 Nov 2013, 14:56

Here's a Logo theme from my bought CD photo clip collections.
I have several more similar themes including canyon
views. These images are from the 90's and are bit-mapped and
a bit grainy.

I have much more drawn vector CMX (corel) images that are unnamed
and slow to open thereby hard to sort through.
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