Chronic IBS Symptoms

Just trying to rid myself of these symptoms, they're taking over my life

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Chronic IBS Symptoms

Postby BetterLiving » 28 Feb 2018, 18:51


I have been experiencing chronic IBS symptoms for roughly four years, it started in my first year of University. Fortunately I was able to finish my degree but not without its fair share of embarrassment. To sum most of my experience up, I had a colonoscopy done a couple years ago which came back normal as well as a stool sample and blood work. I have even done hydrotherapy but that didn't do much either, I never got that full sense of relief in my bowel, it always felt like stuff was stuck in there. I had an ultrasound to check for gallstones and all of that, that came back normal as well. I have removed gluten and dairy from my diet as well, the only difference I notice is that I don't get diarrhea as much. The gas and bloating persists no matter what I eat it seems.

My doctor is convinced I have IBS. I recently tried a medication he prescribed me and it seemed to work...for a few days. My BM's are typically softish, pale (yellow), and have lots of food particles. The medication helped make my stool more firm and the normal brown color and consistency of a healthy BM. Whenever my stomach gets upset, I get diarrhea and lots of mucus and soft yellow stool comes out. My doctor said mucus is normal to see for people with IBS but it doesn't "feel" normal to me, getting diarrhea and seeing that much mucus. It's not like white puss looking mucus, it's dark greenish and it's blended in with the stool. The next thing he prescribed me is Buscopan which I have yet to try, we'll see how that goes.

I have also been seeing a naturopath where I have incorporated magnesium citrate and fibre supplements into my daily routine. They haven't made much difference either in terms of reducing gas and bloating. He thought it might have been a parasite but my stool sample came back normal. I tried a natural parasitic cleanser just incase but that didn't do anything really. My BM for the stool sample didn't have mucus or yellow stool in it though, maybe I should try another stool test with that in it?

My biggest problem is never feeling relieved after bowel movements, my colon never feels empty. My colon seemingly gives up near the end of each BM, leaving soft stool in my colon after every BM. The end of my stool always looks cut-off, like it's more narrow at the end. The end of my rectum also feels tight and feels like there is a mass at the end of it, possibly internal hemms or something along those lines maybe? I can feel it during BM's and when I'm standing up. If I push hard to pass stool the inside of my rectum partly pushes out, not much but I can feel it. Often times I feel gas at the end of my rectum and when I try to push it out my rectum won't "open" up, it opens enough to let a tiny bit of gas out then it closes tightly back up. Whatever it is, I feel like if my rectum could open up more I could get more stool out during each BM. I also feel uncomfortable using toilet paper, I have to use like hemm wet wipes or else I feel irritated and discomfort around my rectum. I haven't had a prostate/rectal exam before, is that something I should look into to address how I'm feeling? I constantly feel gassy and bloated. I can belch on demand, something I could never do prior to these symptoms. My stomach is constantly oozing and gurgling, fairly loudly too.

I think it's important to mention that I was never a stressed or anxious person but these symptoms are causing my to be that way especially in certain social situations. I'm petrified to be in a quiet classroom/business like setting because of my stomach and all the noises and gas it creates. I'm just looking for any suggestions and help for the symptoms I'm experiencing. I'm still young and at a pivotal point in my life where I'm trying to pursue my career, these symptoms are really hindering that because it hurts my self-confidence and causes lots of discomfort and embarrassment.

Thanks in advance for help and suggestions
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Re: Chronic IBS Symptoms

Postby Mypoorbutt » 03 Mar 2018, 14:36

Hi sorry to hear your suffering,
Firstly I would stop the mag citrate straight away it is the least absorbable kind of magnesium. Any extra mag left will upset the stomach and colon a lot. Magnesium glycinate is best for absorption. Although if you are having soft stools no magnesium should be taken orally. If you feel you are deficient in mag then foot soaks, baths or mag sprays are the best.

I have IBS along with my crohns and I take loperamide and amytryptiline both helped the consistency of my BMs. I also on occasion take psyllium to bulk out my stools, it’s a great natural supplement to take as it really does absorb water in the intestines and I would take it more often if it didn’t upset my crohns.

Mucus is normal with IBS. My IBS is also caused by dairy have you tried removing fruit as lots of people who respond to lactose will have issues with fructose. I haven’t had a piece of fruit in 2 years and my colon at least is very happy about that.
Perhaps it is hems that you are feeling as a rectal prolapse would be more of an issue.
Have you looked at gall acid diarrhoea as a symptom of that is undigested food, it’s also easy to diagnose and treat.

Every persons experience of IBS is different but amytryptiline has had great results, as had psyllium. Most people who have numerous BMs will have above average sphincter tone because you are working it more and like any muscle it will build in strength.

I hope you find something that works for you
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