after surgery bruising & swelling

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after surgery bruising & swelling

Postby hippiehealth » 01 Feb 2017, 16:19


I have been vegan, gluten free for years, circumstances had me in horrid conditions for 2 months when the bleeding began. After 3 bandings I had a few months ok, then thinking i was going to have projectile diarrhea I filled three toilet bowls with blood from the anus. About three months later, after therapy for leg pains, family doctor sent me to hospital for nutrient deficiencies after 2 days of bleeding. The first suppository set the pain through the roof, every test was done including an exploration that bruised me from tailbone to tail bone.

4 months later a hypertrophied papilla brought me back to the doctor. Upon removal anus was expanded at least 5 times normal, absolutely grotesque bruising and swelling. Doctor smiled and said he saw nothing wrong, said it was going to hurt terribly and gave me another prescription for oxycodone. The pain is off the charts and my entire GI tract is now in great pain. Anyone able to help me get perspective because every surgery i viewed on youtube did not have this type of disfigurement.

BTW thanks for reading this.
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Re: after surgery bruising & swelling

Postby mamafizz » 21 Feb 2017, 19:25

HH, sorry to read you are having trouble, I read that with procedures some people tend to bruise I read one that had dialation that they should expect bruising for some time, I had Botox 2 months ago and was terribly sore and still recovering. I was in great pain and still having pain but it is better, but like GG still have to lay on side for the most relief. It is an area, that takes a very long time to heal because of all of the nerve endings. Very sensitive. All the muscles become inflamed and is a very slow process. Prayers and Patience.

GG, prayers and healing your way for your appt on Friday also.
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