what can these be???

painless lumps around anus / discomfort

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what can these be???

Postby scaredritz » 16 Aug 2017, 12:18

i had a skin tag from a fissure in 2008 but it hardly bothered me significantly. However since february , after some stupid straining, got some anal pain , soreness and discomfort, which resolved somewhat after conservative treatments. The GP assured me that i hv nothing but a few minor tears and skin tags which is nothing to worry about. She prescribed me 2.5%hydrocortizone to relieve symptoms.However, i do get some stinging / scraping feeling or a pin pricking feeling while passing a BM. This usually lasts for a few days and then sett;es down. this is accompanied by some burning/discomfort /itchiness -nothing major but enuf to make its annoying presence felt. In between i also hv 10-15 days of no 'activity'. The moment i think oh...everything is quiet and settled down there - u bet!! the next day , i feel something... :groan:
anyways, i just checked with a hand held mirror (not easy at all) , i can see some limp lumps (thats the only way to describe them). They are not at all painful to touch or on moving them or tender in any way. They are just there!!! what can they be. One of them i know for sure is a skin tag from previos fissure but there are a few more small ones, skin colored , plus one flesh colored ( comes soemtimes, dunno where is goes at other times). What can they be? Can they be causing me discomfort at times?what can i do to shrink them /get rid of them except of course to hv soft stools.
They are making me lose my mind...ughhhhhhhh.
Pl if anyone has such things or any word of advice u can send my way.
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Re: what can these be???

Postby patience_and_healing » 17 Aug 2017, 13:00

What is it with GPs giving people hydrocortisone for fissures?! The cream will thin the skin and reverse any healing you've had so far. It's only good for hemorrhoids, NOT fissures. If you're concerned about the lumps, and there's no way for us to tell you over the internet what they could be, get yourself to a good CRS or dermatologist and they will help you out.
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