Shrinking Sentinel Pile

Is there anything I can do?!

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Shrinking Sentinel Pile

Postby Neverending.pain » 06 May 2024, 13:51

I’ve got a chronic fissure that’s been around 8 months officially (potentially a couple of years unofficially?!)

I’m finally seeing a consultant, who off-handedly threw me a prescription for GTN Rectogesic ointment but said it won’t work, we’ll have to do surgery. But he hasn’t booked me in still after waiting patiently for over a month for him to look at his diary. Anyway I’d love to avoid surgery if possible.

Right now, after copious research, my routines include:
1. The GTN ointment x2 a day
2. Copious coconut oil, esp pre BM.
3. Careful diet, stool softeners x3 per day.
4. Massage and bum exercises.
5. Lots of hot baths.
6. Try to get position right during BM.

It feels way better than it did after a month. No bleeding, lessening pain after BM (although stinging on the odd day). But my sentinel pile, which has been the main source of my grief, KEEPS swelling. It’s so upsetting. I don’t want to sleep with anyone because it’s embarrassing and painful. Sometimes it’s bad to walk. It’s so erratic, I think it’s getting better then it suddenly gets worse again.

Back when I thought it was a haemorrhoid I shrunk it with witch hazel. I’ve since read you shouldn’t put WH near it because it’s too harsh, so I have stopped that. But is this wrong? Or is there ANYTHING that can help? I even stopped eating for a few days to see if it improved, it did a bit but not sustainable of course. I’ve lost quite a lot of weight recently too with this diet, and I didn’t have too much spare to start with.

Anyone have thoughts or positive remedies?? I’m so desperate!
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