2nd LIS?

2019-Hemmoroiectomy and Modest LIS

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2nd LIS?

Postby Mira » 20 Mar 2021, 18:59

Hello everyone, I have been reading this forum for few yrs now, thank you all for posting and writing about it.
My name is Mira I live in Toronto, Canada Im 42 yrs old, have 2 kids and IBS C+D.
In 2019 I had full hemorrhoidectomy and modest LIS, per DR notes. Just few months after I developed fissures again due to my IBS and probably too much metamucil which yrs after I figure it bulks my stool up and rips me. My biggest problem is sharp tip of my poop, I have been using MIRALAX for a while now, its good, but some days gives me diareha and some Im ok because I have IBS C+D, but somehow most of the time I get this sharp just 1st half inch of poop that I cannot fix, anyone can help? Im also considering 2nd LIS, my fissure pain is at 2 out of 10, before my surgery when I get fissure pain would be 10 out of 10. But Im using Nifidepine for last few yrs on off, more ON, dont know what to do. Anyone had similar experience and had to do 2nd LIS, is this even option for me or I need different surgery? My diet is heathy I eat what very limited home cooked meals because of my IBS. I had Colonoscopy, xray, blood work all OK. My GI Dr app is in September and its March now ughh, after reading so much maybe I have "Normal Trasit Constipation" anyone has this? I poop 2x in the morning and 1x evening, so things r moving, but in that short time my poop is in me it still makes dry tip of poop. Please help!
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Re: 2nd LIS?

Postby Rich44 » 24 Mar 2021, 13:51

Hi Mira. You have to wait until SEPTEMBER to see a GI doctor?! There is certainly great things about both "free" healthcare for all and private health care and it's nice to have something if you are not making a lot of money. But wait times like yours are so inconvenient and I can understand why many Canadians do come to the US for surgeries and specialists.

Anyway, that aside...

In terms of your Normal Transit Constipation, I have never heard of that. I typically have a BM every other day in the morning. I always use a squatty potty to help it exit much easier (if you haven't used one - get one!). In terms of having your stool being ideal or a 4 on the 1-7 scale I have heard that a proper water to sodium ratio is key to soft bulky stools along with watching your electrolytes. In other words, if you are drinking a lot of water and you pee clear - you may need more salt to balance it out. You might try that.

I personally have a catch all diagnosis of IBS but I don't have IBS-D and maybe IBS-C once in a blue moon. My IBS is a spastic colon that causes occasional pain in my upper right quadrant or lower left quadrant (I take an anti-spasmodic for it as needed). My BM have been pretty good lately. I don't seem to tolerate high fiber foods or psyllium husk fiber. The bloating causes too much discomfort and I get a lot of trapped gas pain in my belly and chest. Sometimes even simulating a heart attack pain! On the other hand I seemed to have ruled out that I have acid reflux disease and that my gut issue was gas. The IBS/spastic colon issue might be a part of that. Certainly stress is a factor. For a fiber supplement I use Citrucel which is a man made fiber that does not ferment in the colon and cause gas.

Normally around here we say go see a colorectal surgeon about your issue and you'd get an appointment within a couple of weeks. It's crazy you have to wait so long.
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