5 weeks out and struggling to stay optimistic

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5 weeks out and struggling to stay optimistic

Postby mountain_girl » 09 Jun 2016, 01:46

Hi all,

I have been lurking around this board for a while....looking for similar accounts and experiences that might help ease my mind as I try to wait out the healing process. In the past week I have become particularly frustrated so I thought I would go ahead and post.

I had the LIS surgery a little over 5 weeks ago with a very reputable surgeon in Colorado. I should mention that his philosophy is to have a very conservative approach. Which I like. But which is also starting to haunt me as more time goes by.

My surgery and first few post-op weeks were fairly typical in terms of what I've read from others. Some pain (but nothing unmanageable), a little bleeding that mostly subsided after the first week and some swollen tissue. My surgeon apparently removed scar tissue in addition to the LIS (I had been dealing with the fissure for 7+ years).

Now, at 5 weeks, I feel no different than before I had surgery. If anything...I may feel a little worse. BM's are still quite painful. I ache most of the time. I had a skin tag that seemed like it was starting to subside, but is now back with a vengeance! I eat a steady stream of fiber-rich foods, drinks TONS of water/prune juice, use Nifidepine and did the Miralax/Colace thing for a while.

Even though I'm clearly not one of the lucky ones who was out of the woods in 7-10 days, I feel like I should be seeing some improvement. Has anyone else been where I'm at now and went on to have a successful healing? The last time I saw my doc (about a week ago) he mentioned possibly doing botox. To me, that sounds as if he might be implying the surgery failed.

Any thoughts or similar stories would be so appreciated! :cry:
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Re: 5 weeks out and struggling to stay optimistic

Postby Healingthroughdiet » 09 Jun 2016, 10:37

I sense your disappointment mountain girl
. I have had 2 LIS in the past at 10 year intervals . This current relapse came after more than a decade. My CRS suggested Botox this time. I must say it's helped a little. I was in a bad way with spasms. I am a tad bit better now. I am trying to stay positive. You seem to be doing everything right . Botox may ( the key is MAY, I am still at D9) be helping me even with prior LIS though my journey has been a little different from yours as LIS worked well - I was only warned against it for the third time due to Risk of incontinence . The mechanism is a little different for sure, with LIS I had immediate relief . With Botox it's been a lot slower but I am hoping for the best. Sorry I can't be of more help .
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