A fissure, a tag, misery

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A fissure, a tag, misery

Postby BellaUmbrella » 30 Aug 2014, 11:31

Hi everyone. I have been reading this forum for a few weeks and I am ready to post. I am a 30 year old female scheduled for LIS in 2 weeks. I've only been dealing with my fissure for a few months and I can't believe when I read that some folks have had for YEARS!! These last few months have been unbearable. I went to 1 surgeon who said he didn't want to do LIS on younger women who haven't had children so he wanted to cauterize the fissure and give a shot of Botox... But the 2nd doc I saw (who is really highly ranked) said to just do the LIS because most of the time the Botox only heals less than 50% of fissures. Am I jumping the gun here?? Should I go the conservative route or go whole hog?? I am absolutely terrified not only of the post op pain and healing but the possibility of incontinence if I ever give birth. But this pain I have had, though better the last few days, has been unliveable. Even with diet, added fiber and stool softeners, every BM is a nightmare. I kinda just want it to be done. Oh also I have a major tag so I am assuming from my research that that is a sign of a chronic problem that would likely just come back after the Botox/cauterize. I kinda just want to jump to the best chance of healing (LIS) but that's the one with the worst risk. Ugh. Don't know what to do and no one I know has ever dealt with this so I am coming to you guys. I am grateful for all your stories and this community.
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Re: A fissure, a tag, misery

Postby Jbl22424 » 30 Aug 2014, 12:48

Hi Bella - I'm 33 and had LIS after having my baby. The LIS allowed me to be pain free after 4 months of miserable suffering. I do recommend it. I am still having trouble with my fissure so I think botox would have only been a waste of time for me. I may go back for a second LIS if I don't recover from this re-tear, but the original tear that caused me to get LIS was absolutely horrible. Don't be so afraid of the procedure, its very simple and routine and I think incontinence is very unlikely. I certainly don't have any troubles myself and am not worried about it for my next pregnancy either.
Developed fissure from constipation due to breastfeeding 7 weeks after delivery (Jan 2014)
Miralax - godsend
Nitro - some improvement
LIS (May 2014) - cured for 3 months then setback
Feeling better for now
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Re: A fissure, a tag, misery

Postby Savaici » 30 Aug 2014, 12:50

Welcome to the Forum! Glad that you found us.

Just wanted to ask you if you have tried any of the medications that are given for those with their fissure still in the early phases? Fissures, for their size, can be excruitating, as you have probably read on here, all due to the wretched spasms. A lot of people have had LIS who were on here and moved on with their lives and never been back (this you can tell by the number of members and those active).

I have not had LIS, having had so much surgery to the area previously. It does have a very good percentage for healing whereas Botox - to me - sounds very hit and miss. Hopefully someone will come along who has had the surgery and advise you from their experiences, as I am only going by those no longer members here who have had the surgery, been happy with it and moved on.

My number one suggestion: make sure it is done by a colorectal surgeon (CRS), and one who does this on a regular basis - and don't be shy to ask how many he/she has done.

Once again, :wel: to the forum and good luck.
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