AF/pain for many years. Making a very good progress

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AF/pain for many years. Making a very good progress

Postby VVV » 12 Oct 2023, 07:20

Looks like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...
Male, almost 50, was suffering from AF and butt pain for 30+ years. :sadd: You know, it could be really bad, but then it's fine for some time.. Diets, warm baths, rectogesic, etc..
For the last few years was taking Movicol and electrolytes to take it under control. But it was always coming back.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with AF by 2 surgeons. They just stuck a finger in my butt, see how tight it is, listen to my stories and said- you need a surgery..
A couple of years ago I went to another proctologist and he actually performed colonoscopy, not just finger diagnosis. The printout- minor haemorrhoids and no mention of AF... WHAT??!! :confused:
So, I was taking Movicol again and a couple of months ago, after another episode of pain, went to the same doctor and asked WTF?? This time he used "butt pressure meter" and said I more likely have issues with my pelvic floor muscles, not really AF because he doesnt see it.
I actually started thinking something like that as well, because I almost never had blood in my stool, usually pain only..
Also we discussed recent Italian dilation study which showed good results.
He gave me some physios' contact numbers and said it's not AF and I have to sort out my pelvic floor muscles problem. :hugs:
So, instead of paying physio, I watched several youtube videos about pelvic floor muscles relaxation and also how to properly poop. Yes! After that many years I'm pretty sure I was doing it wrong.
Also, I bought a "beginner" 1-1.25" dildo and attacked my long term enemy. :unicorn:
Result? No pain for 3 months and I'm not scared to go to toilet! Stopped taking Movicol as well.

Every day before going to bed I'm doing exercises to relax my pelvic floor muscles. Find them on Youtube and do whatever you like more.
2-3 time a week I'm using dildo (use body safe platinum silicone and lube with no glycerine) for dilation. Now I have better understanding of how those muscles work and have more control.
I just want to share this with the fellow forum members because I know how this thing ruin our life.
Fingers crossed, this will be not just a temporary remedy. :sunny:
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Re: AF/pain for many years. Making a very good progress

Postby AF3 » 20 Oct 2023, 06:06

Thank you for sharing VVV, that's great that you are making progress and finding relief from the symptoms. Long may it continue!!

It's pretty amazing that you have come off Movicol - that's something I am way too afraid to do atm (suffering with 2 AF for just under 2 years and it has ruined the quality of my life in so many ways).

It seems to be that in a large number of cases, pelvic floor dysfunction is at the root cause of causing the fissure in the first place and/or not allowing it to heal completely.

Keep believing in what you are doing and you will heal. I am sure this is not a temporary remedy. Wishing you the best and keep us posted!!
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