Afraid to go back to CRS

Fissure Re-currence

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Afraid to go back to CRS

Postby bruin22 » 09 Oct 2013, 21:42


I am new to the forum and have been reading through various posts. There really is some great information and feedback on this site.

I was diagnosed with a fissure about three months ago by my CRS, and was given analapram for treatment. After using all of the cream doses in the kit, my fissure was essentially healed.

About 3 weeks ago after a lengthy business trip with a not so great diet, and a ton of stress, I had a re-tear. I haven't been back to the CRS yet, but I am afraid of doctor's and my biggest fear is that he is going to tell me I need surgery. During the first visit, he advised we could have a conversation if the fissure didn't heal in regards to him "going in and cleaning things up". Will the CRS hesitate to give me more cream and strongly recommend surgery? I definitely am not ready to opt for surgery at this point. Thanks in advance for your feedback...
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Re: Afraid to go back to CRS

Postby vdb324 » 09 Oct 2013, 22:44


I would just explain your situation to the CRS. I'm not familiar with analapram, but perhaps he'll let you stay on it? I don't think three weeks is that long. I was on nifedipine lidocaine, which I have been on for two months now, and will probably continue.

It's really up to you. If the CRS forces surgery on you, I would recommend finding a second opinion, if you don't feel comfortable with the CRS' decision. For me, I had my AF for five months before I finally was correctly routed to a CRS. I felt comfortable with his recommendations, because he wanted to start me out on conservative treatments first. Unfortunately, after two months of the ointment, he told me we needed to proceed with Botox at this point. I told him my hesitations and asked if he really thought there was no chance it would heal that that point, and he said it was highly unlikely, so I trusted him to know best and move forward. Again, I don't think three weeks is that long to have tried ointment. I think my CRS had wanted me to try it for six weeks. Could you call and just ask for a refill? I've done that.
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Re: Afraid to go back to CRS

Postby Now66 » 10 Oct 2013, 08:59

Either way, surgery or alternate natural healing, more problems will likely develop unless you take action, meaning stool softener, fiber, correct diet, lots of water, wipes and the like which you will find here on the forum.

I say this as an experienced business traveler as I'm certain my fissure started with my last trip to Australia including the 14 hr flight from LAX to Melbourne crammed into the back of an A380. Fortunately I've had no additional fissures since I went on a strict regimen of Miralax, and fiber with lots of water even with extended business traveing.
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