Anal Fissure but No Blood

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Re: Anal Fissure but No Blood

Postby positivesun » 02 Mar 2017, 20:38

suzyljank wrote:I had double advancement flaps done almost 4 years ago because my LIS failed and I developed anal stenosis. It took a full 2 years from the date of my surgery to feel better and still sometimes things will hurt. If I have to go and haven't yet I'll get that pushing sensation on my surgical site and it's not pleasant but usually is short lived. After surgery it takes a long time for things to quiet down. Remember there are lots of nerves in the area. Also the muscles in that area affect each other too.

Thank you for the help Suzy that makes me feel a lot better. Since I'm making very slow improvement, I guess it would be best to let time heal my wound..? In your opinion do you think I may need some physical therapy? Sometimes I wonder if there is nerve damage or muscle tension somewhere I need to work out.

It has been a year since my first injury, but I am miles better from where I use to be.

Also one last thing, were you ever at a point where you constantly felt mild irritation down there? I see a lot of people say they have pain for several hours. My sensation never goes away, which has always been weird for me because I only see a few others saying explicitly that this happens to them.

Bless you for all the kind work you do to help others who are healing.
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Re: Anal Fissure but No Blood

Postby suzyljank » 02 Mar 2017, 23:18

I had pretty bad pain from the moment after I had a bm until I went to bed. I got relief when I slept at night. I was lucky there. Sometimes I'd wake up with this horrible Charlie horse pain up my butt but for the most part lying down helped me. Just before my surgery walking caused me pain and so did climbing stairs. The scar tissue I had just didn't stretch anymore and it caused a great deal of pIn. I would also sit on a warm heating pad, that helps some. I'd use therma care for the back but I'd wrap it lower so the heat would help when I had to go out. Whatever works for you. Is your pain a burning pain or spasms? Sometimes your pain can be caused by spasming of your pelvic floor muscles. PT could help that.
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