Any idea on what's next?


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Any idea on what's next?

Postby Bassfisha83 » 14 Aug 2016, 14:34

Hello all, I have been battling an AF for the past 8 months. I finally went to a specialist and have been using nitro cream and it is finally healing!! :lol: Now, my question is that when I went in last month to the specialist she mentioned my sphincter elongated and was hypertonic. It still is extremely tight when I do my nitro treatment, how do they fix this if it does not start relaxing? If I leave it tight like it is will I be at more of a risk for retears or future AFs? Thank you all and am so happy this forum exists!
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Re: Any idea on what's next?

Postby Myitzu » 14 Aug 2016, 16:21

Hi Bassfisha83, how are you going? I have similar situation as you have happened, suffering AF for last 8-10months. I have been applying nitro cream till today even my fissure was healed, because my sphincter was still tight that I can feel when I apply the cream. I have seen with two specialist and suggest me to do the botox thing that I am scared to have it. I am still taking softener, plenty of water, food with fibre to have soft poo. Once, I had spicy sour food and happened to be urgent BM, that made me feeling stinging again for few weeks. So, watch what you eat, better drink plenty of water, to have soft pool, if became hard, then fissure can be reteared, best of luck and update your situation.
P.S when I applied nitro cream, I tired to reach my finger inside atleast one inch, like some people are doing dilation to stretch sphincter muscle.
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