Autologous adipose stem cells

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Autologous adipose stem cells

Postby Casperblue » 21 Apr 2016, 16:46

I found a clinic in the Bahamas, where stem cell grafts and treatments are approved by their government regulatory agency. The treatment used is adipose stem cells injected into the fissure area. They are harvested fromthe patient using a small liposuction, and are run through a series of sterile filters to isolate the stem cell fraction. And then injected into the area.
Has anyone else tried stem cell injections to heal their fissures?

The clinic name is Okyanos. I was approved for the treatment however, I cant do it right now because I am nursing and cant have anesthesia. But I would rather do this than surgery. However, its not offered in USA.
What do you think? Has anyone looked into this technology? Its being used in Europe to cure anal fistulas as well, with good results.
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Re: Autologous adipose stem cells

Postby proactivecure » 28 May 2016, 16:48

I read an article about chronic injuries, and anal fissures was listed. Of course I can't find the article. It was on cnn, when the whole stem cell conversation was getting heated on international news.

This clinic in the Bahamas actually said it can cure the anal fissure? or the sphincter muscle?

If this is true, sign me up
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