Bowel movement type

Bowel movement

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Re: Bowel movement type

Postby Rich44 » 02 Jun 2022, 10:56

Fred55 wrote:Hi Bryce,
I'm at the middle of the turmoil you've described, know it's been a while but wonder if you'd have some advice I could use.
Can you explain your situation a bit first?
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Re: Bowel movement type

Postby Fred55 » 02 Jun 2022, 12:59

Hi Rich44,
Sure, I had a fissure 6 month ago with all classic symptoms (sharp/broken glass pain &bleeding during bm) which controlled with ointments. A month after did colonoscopy and the fissure was confirmed healed. Had a diet mishap and reopened the fissure after a constipation. Again classic fissure symptoms which again healed, but lingered with atypical symptoms since 2 months ago, which are dull anal ache intensified when sitting (especially upright position) and constant pressure feeling down there. The most pain is when sitting upright position or reclining back which radiates it to tailbone (muscle pulling feeling). No problem during bm except tight inner sphincter (if I don't use Dilitiazem) I'm sure if I don't control my bm with tons of fiber and milk magnesia, that's going to be problematic too.
The pain I have is not severe, but is a darnn constant dull ache which worsens with sitting. I've done all kinds of tests (colonoscopy, MRI, etc) all negative.

I found brycesara's description mostly close to my situation if not mistaken.

How about you?
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