Diagnosed with AF.... gluten sensitivity?

I freaking love bread, ok? This sucks.

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Diagnosed with AF.... gluten sensitivity?

Postby bbmz » 12 Jan 2016, 00:56

Hi guys. I'd like to say that I'm happy to be here but....you know :needguh: .

Anyways, I was diagnosed with an AF 5 days ago but the pain was going on for over a month now. This isn't my first AF either, but it's definitely my most troublesome.

I've tried many creams in the past.... Prep H, Anusol, Nifedipine etc... Prep H never worked, Anusol worked for a while and then I had to get Nife because the AF turned a little more chronic but then Nife gave me a rash. Diltiazem worked for a really long time until recently.

I'm currently using Nitroglycerin and although it stings for a bit after applying, it seems to be doing the job. My first day on it gave me such an intense migraine, I almost couldn't breathe. I suffer from migraines to begin with so my GP warned me of that but I didn't expect it to be that bad.... I still am getting a bit of a headache here and there but it's definitely not been as severe as the first night. To be honest though, I'd rather deal with these splitting headaches then the pain I've been dealing with this god damn AF lol. I'd deal with anything other then this. Anyways, with the Nitro, I'm still in pain, especially at night for some reason. (Side note: does anyone notice that at night time, your AF becomes more painful or is that just me and my anxiety??? Ugh.) I'm slowly healing... Slowly but surely lols.

Hmmm... My troubles started around the beginning of December last year when I started having tummy trubs. This is going to get a little gross, sorry in advance, but my poop was coming out green and acidic. I would be itchy itchy itchyyyyy and no matter how I changed my diet, it would always be the same: green, mushy, acid. Ouch.

When I went to my doc last Thursday to get my AF checked out, I also had a chat with him about my stomach problems. He felt my lower abdomen and when he got to my stomach I almost pushed him away. Soooo tender.
I ended up peeing in a cup, pooping in two separate cups, getting blood work done and now I have to schedule an ultrasound.

He came to the conclusion that it was my bile, since I've had this problem in the past but he asked me to do those other test juuuust in case it could be an infection, or something along that line.

I got a call from my doc's office all of an hour ago. Turns out I tested postitive for "Borderline Gluten Sensitivity." Excuse my language but fuuuuuuck. I love bread, lol.

It actually explains a lot... So I see my GP in two days to see what we're going to do about this. I honestly have no idea what to expect and I'm nervous of my diet change. I guess we'll see...

Well, there's my first diary entry :TahDah: Hope this community treats me well.

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Re: Diagnosed with AF.... gluten sensitivity?

Postby Manitourose » 13 Mar 2016, 10:22

Not sure if you are still active on the board. How did things turn out?
I was diagnosed with celiac disease in late December, so I can 100% relate to the loss of gluten filled breads, pastries and so on. It is hard! I often wonder if my celiac disease is linked to my ongoing bum issues.

Did your doctor do further tests? I'll be getting a colonoscopy in the next month to inspect the other end of this issue. I had an endoscopy with biopsies and blood work to confirm my celiac problem.

Hang in there, being gluten free gets MUCH easier.
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