Feeling so deflated, will this last forever?

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Feeling so deflated, will this last forever?

Postby shannonnicolas » 03 Jul 2017, 23:30

Hey guys - it's been great reading others stories on this forum.

I am a 27 yo female, have on and off dealt with fissures for a number of years, but very minor and would heal by themselves after a week or so. July 2016 my husband and I were backpacking through SE Asia and BOOM - the worst fissure of my life. It was so, so painful I would cry with every BM and being on the bumpy buses would near about kill me. It took about 4 weeks to start to feel even bearable.

Fast forward to March this year, I had round 1 of Botox. It seemed to help somewhat and my pain subsided. Unfortunately the fissure has reoccurred and my specialist has recommend Botox for a second time. He is very, very hesitant to preform LIS on me as I am young and a woman... I am so scared that the Botox will not work and I will continue to live with this forever.

I have used all the creams, coconut oil, sudacrem, warm baths, stool softeners (although my fissures have never been caused by constipation), I know I need to be patient but at the moment I feel like my BM's are ruling my life!!

I am also considering seeing a nutritionist or naturopath for advice on any dietary changes I can make. Has anyone been down this path?

Thanks for taking the time to read- I just feel so, so sad & deflated about it all...
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Re: Feeling so deflated, will this last forever?

Postby hurtinend » 04 Jul 2017, 20:36

I have gone down the naturopathic path. I feel it can be helpful but it requires a lot of discipline to stay with their recommendations. One thing I didn't try was getting a full food sensitivity test. The test is expensive as they send your blood sample to a special laboratory for analysis. I think I may try it as I feel that something I'm ingesting is irritating the tissues down there.
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Re: Feeling so deflated, will this last forever?

Postby Glorybee » 13 Jul 2017, 17:46

I'm in a similar boat and have been to a naturopathic Dr. The cream he gave me definitely does not help. Can't say much for the other supplements, but I'll keep trying. I too am very frustrated and trying desperately to avoid surgery.
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