Finally getting help

Hemorroid or fissure

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Re: Finally getting help

Postby Scientist2516 » 31 Aug 2014, 10:13

I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for you, Denial!
If the pain returns though, you definitely need to see somebody, as the cycle of pain and healing can continue for a long time if you don't get help.

I wonder why applying the cream hurt you so much? What was the name of the cream? Were you trying to put it up inside? You don't need to do that with fissure medications.

You could have both a hemmie and a fissure. My fissure started with a hemmie, and then a fissure developed. The hemmie resolved, and the fissure pain continued for many months. Nitroglycerine has made me 99% better. I hope you find a way through this quickly.

Nifedipine/lidocaine, no help
Diltiazem, effective, but caused major rash
Nitroglycerine, effective.
Topical estrogen for final healing.
Gentle heat to bottom - pain relief, muscle relaxant
Kondremul mineral oil
Time - lots of time.
Status - Healed!
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Re: Finally getting help

Postby In Denial » 31 Aug 2014, 14:51

Thank you Scientist - the cream that sent me into a spiral of pain was just OTC hem cream Germoloids, I refuse to use any of these now as it took my skin a long time to heal. I had to use zinc and castor oil nappy cream which worked wonders in healing and i still use it now. I am glad to say today has been the best day I have had in 3 months, i actually had a massive BM (which i enjoyed!!) without any pain.

I have also been taking Ayuverdic herbal stuff before bed which is making my stools the consistency we all are aiming for - i am sure this is helping me heal too.

I have a referral from my doctor for a private CRS so will use it if I feel in pain again.

Can anyone tell me how you can tell the difference between hemmie pain or fissure pain

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