Fissure almost healed, cut a skin tag today!

what a strange experience

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Fissure almost healed, cut a skin tag today!

Postby randyyang » 27 Jul 2016, 06:46

Had another setback earlier this month, but Doc told me my fissure 50% healed. Had everything under control the last two weeks, then Felt something different there. 3 days ago I felt a little sting after passing gas, I can also feel it when wiping it after BM. this sting pain is quite different from the typical fissure pain, it feels like some one use a needle prick your skin a little bit, when fissure pain is more like a wound pain/sore.

So I went to see doc again today, she took a quick look told me my fissure is almost healed, the sting that I feel is from a very tiny skin tag at the end of my fissure, I asked her is that a sentinal pile, she said its not. she also decide to do a quick procedure to remove that tag by cutting it off with a tiny scissor without any anaesthetic, that's quite unexpectable! to be honest before I went in I met another patient who just had hemie surgery a week ago, she told me she developed multiple painful skin tags after hemie surgery, doc use the same method to cut them all without injecting any anaesthetic, that was super painful experience to her. after heard that story, I was quite scared that I have to face the same procedure... even doc told me it might be quite painful... but I got no choices at the moment,,

Doc used a some forceps to hold that skin tag, and used a tiny scissor cut off the tag. it was a quick cut like a two seconds, I don't even feel anything at all,,, then I saw the skin tag she cut off, it was way too small to cause any sensations during the procedure I guess,the size is 1/3 out of a sesame.. I also asked what if another skin tag reformed after this, she said it might not, but if it does, she could do this procedure again any time.

hope I won't feel that weird sting again after this procedure,, actually my fissure was calm down already, just need more time to heal the last part I guess...
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Re: Fissure almost healed, cut a skin tag today!

Postby Painandmorepain » 01 Aug 2016, 04:06

Wow. You are braver then me. I'm never letting anybody cut anything again!! When this heals that is it!!
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