Fissure and internal hemorrhoids

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Fissure and internal hemorrhoids

Postby Kim » 06 Dec 2018, 11:05

I have three internal hemorrhoids that were laser treated during a sigmoidoscopy. The gastro knew I also had a fissure and hoped it would heal. I did not.

I had been using preparation H for the roids for nearly a near. The active ingredient in preparation H seems to be a vasoconstrictor but the active ingredient he gave me for the fissure which is a calcium channel blocker compounded with lidocaine is a vasodilator. I've had constipation since 2003 from a drug I must be on for the rest of my life. When I was well I just took extra magnesium, walked 5 miles a day and drank fluids. I've always eaten healthy with a great deal of fiber in my diet so I would just use a fleet enema a couple of times a week, when necessary.

After I was diagnosed with ALS and had to slow down I developed the hemorrhoids. There was no blood but that's when I started using preparation H. I also added psyllium. Six months ago I noticed blood, went to gastro and he said I had three small internal roids and a fissure. The fissure was causing the bleeding.

Because of my condition (ALS) I'm considering surgery. The gastro did the laser but I have no idea how effective that was for the roids because the pain is in several locations. I use a bidet toilet seat and soak in a portable sitz bath that goes over the toilet.

Any suggestions on anything to do or not to do. I stopped the prep cream.
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