Fissure or something else?

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Fissure or something else?

Postby Daisy Mac » 30 Aug 2015, 01:22

I have been pretty much without pain for several weeks now, which is fantastic. I suffered for months with a fissure before it was correctly diagnosed, and then it took several more months to heal but the pain went away. However any time I have a slightly firm BM I feel the tiniest pinch where the fissure is or was, only during BM. There's no after-pain or spasms like before, not even any irritation afterwards. I'm wondering if it could be something else, like scar tissue left behind by the fissure. This minor pain is nothing at all, except for the anxiety that comes with feeling anything "off" down there. It makes me feel like if I do anything wrong it's just going to tear right open again. If I went to a specialist could they tell by looking outside whether it was the fissure or something else causing that sensation, without sticking anything in me? A doctor retore me pretty badly doing a digital exam, so I'm not letting anyone do that again. I just wish I could relax a bit.
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Re: Fissure or something else?

Postby Rosco9 » 07 Jul 2017, 15:20

Start using petroleum jelly before every bowel movement, squat on the toilet and really focus on relaxing as much as possible if you aren't already. Keep your stool soft with Miralax daily, or magnesium citrate. The slight discomfort you're feeling is normal while a fissure is healing, it takes 6-9 months to regain even 70% strength of pre fissure in the Anus. If it was chronic you may have some scars tissue left behind that will slowly redispurse as time goes on, and eventually you will have more elasticity again. If you do happen to re-rear, please follow my advice below, it will heal even deep fissures within a week.

*Anal fissures suck. The usual prescription drugs you will get are nitro/diltiazem cream to help relax the sphincter muscles. You're told to take Metamucil. You're told to drink more water. Thanks modern medicine for falling so short of being helpful for this painful condition. You see, anal fissures are incredibly simple problems of anatomy, and thus there is a simple fix for them. It's a cut, that happens to get torn open daily from the bottom up (the way fissures heal) and so there is very little forward progress in healing. Add to that the bacteria and and nerve endings in the Anus, and it's a horrifying experience. I'm going to teach you how to cure the one you have, as well as any that happen in the future in less than a week.

Get your diet on point first...
lots of fiber rich foods from now on. Beans, whole grains, rice veggies, fruits, etc. Limit red meat and nuts, popcorn, seeds, etc.
Be careful taking supplemental fiber like Metamucil, this will bulk your stool and prevent the fissure from healing when you pass large stool. Natural fiber in foods doesn't bulk this way and is a better choice.

1-take Miralax daily, along with magnesium citrate, these are safe osmotic laxatives that will keep your stool like soft serve ice cream no matter what you eat, and can be used long term if desired.

2) put petroleum jelly in your bum with your finger before every bowel movement, this will lubricate and prevent tearing of the fissure. Squat over a handheld mirror.

3) squat on the rim of toilet or buy a squattie potty, this straightens your digestive tract and makes you not need to push or strain as much.

4) buy desitin 40‰ zinc oxide cream and start applying with a q tip directly into the fissure cut itself (very important) after bowel movements and before bed. This speeds up skin renewal significantly and will heal the fissure in just a few days (seriously) if you also follow the above steps.
If your fissure is to the muscle, or if spasms are a problem when going, then use diltiazem 10 min or so before bowel movements, then use the petroleum right before. Breathe deep and concentrate on relaxing, don't strain at all.

Continue with the poletroleum jelly every bm for a few months atleast and you shouldn't have another fissure. Start wiping with water soaked toilet paper, don't use soap or alcohol based wipes anymore on your bum these will dry out the Anus.

That is it! No potions or drinking random things to heal from the inside out... This is a simple problem with a simple fix! Soft stool, petroleum to prevent re-tears daily, keep the Anus clean with water, and use zinc cream to heal the cut much faster than it normally could. You've got nothing to lose and getting your life back to gain, go out and buy the things I've outlined and you can be done with this in a week!
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