Five weeks post LIS update

Slow healing

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Five weeks post LIS update

Postby horsetrainer » 23 Sep 2016, 17:18

I'm five weeks out from my open LIS procedure. When I saw my colorectal surgeon last week, he said that both the incision and the fissure are still not closed, but are healing. The fissure was deep and big and is slowly, slowly healing. The open LIS incision is healing at the same rate...slowly. I am impatient and tired of waiting for healing, but there isn't much choice!

The CRS said that it will probably continue to get better, but if I reach the two-month mark and the fissure hasn't closed, then he will consider doing a second LIS procedure on the other side of the anus, and/or maybe a fissurectomy.

My symptoms at this point are 1) pus-like drainage from the fissure 2) pain in the fissure 3) bleeding from the fissure 4) slight pain at the LIS incision. But all of that is improving, so I am hopeful that the fissure will heal.

For those who worry about incontinence -- I have had NO incontinence of stool or gas.

I have horses and had my first ride today! I have been candid with my close friend who is also a horse trainer, and we were quite happy to see me riding again. It hurt, but at least I was "back in the saddle!"

To sum up: I don't seem to be someone who found immediate relief after LIS, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there, everybody!
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Re: Five weeks post LIS update

Postby MattMecham » 09 Oct 2016, 02:03

Horsetrainer, I, too, can attest that incontinence has not been an issue with me, and it has been over 5 years since I had LIS. The sad thing is this -- you read the horror stories about "LIS gone wrong" on the stupid internet, and it can make people think very irrationally about getting the surgery, as if everyone who gets the surgery is going to experience some level of incontinence. I'm not saying that it never happens (I'm sure there is a percentage that experiences some level of incontinence), but from what I have read over the years, it is a small percentage. And we're not talking like waking up in the morning and finding a turd in your pants. You might just have to wipe a little extra during the day. Not that I have had to. But even if I did? Big whoop!! It would be worth it to have that damned miserable fissure gone!
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