Flexible sigmoidoscopy

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Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Postby nikil30 » 10 Nov 2016, 14:26

So before I begin, let me just say that I’m generally terrified of hospitals and have never been admitted as a day case or overnight so this added to my reluctance and me almost cancelling many times! I was so scared in fact that I went and looked around the place and met the staff a week or so before my appointment, which I definitely recommend if you’re freaking out – always good to meet the folks who are going to be seeing a WHOLE lot of you! ;o)
I’m currently sporting a two year old fissure, which was originally misdiagnosed as a hem as they couldn’t be bothered to look properly! It’s mainly healed now thanks to GTN 0.4% (the headaches with this stuff can be intense!) and weirdly vasaline and eucalyptus rub.. however I still did not relish the thought of anyone going anywhere near there!
First was the enema – not fun! This was possibly the worst bit for me as they kind of jabbed the sore part and the feeling of the stuff going in was crampy, but I tried to keep upbeat and we (myself and my partner who has a good sense of humour) decided to turn this part into a challenge to see how long I could hang on… only lasted 7 minutes L try and hang on for as long as you can though otherwise it doesn’t work so great and gives them rubbish view (yuk!)
Next the ‘dignity shorts’ – now just take a moment here to appreciate the hilarity of these bad boys! – one size does NOT fit all! Took some snaps of these and my funky hospital gown, again trying to take this on with a sense of humour.
Just as I was beginning to relax, the nurse turns up and invites me to follow her. I shuffle down to the room trying not to think…
Everyone in the room was lovely. Be aware that the chap/chapette doing the thing will be the most serious one (which is probably a good thing) so focus on the nurses, they are your friend here!
The digital exam was not so ‘gentle’ but very quick and generally ok, then he sneakily whizzed the scope in without me barely noticing. Next thing I hear is ‘right, we’re about a foot in now’… what the %$&@!!! Barely felt it, apart from a bit of pressure and gurgling. On the way out I did shriek a bit when he turned the scope back on itself to view my butt, but again, a few deep breaths and it was over. Done! Off I went for a cuppa and a sarnie!
Lastly I would say, please give yourself a day or so to recover – do NOT for the love of god, try and go about your daily business! I’ve been to the loo about 10 times now (had it done this morning) and I’m feeling a tad washed out, but very relieved it’s over J
So, all in all, it’s totally fine! I know everyone is different, but explain how you’re feeling, know that it will be over so quickly and also know that you can back out at any time or tell them to stop if it hurts too much.
I’d also say don’t worry about getting sedated. I considered it but decided it was better to get in and get out and not have to hang around waiting to ‘sober up’ ;)
If you need to get one, just go for it! :)
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Re: Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Postby Savaici » 11 Nov 2016, 16:51

:wel: Mine was a piece of cake too. No big deal.
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