Healing markers for Fissure question...

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Healing markers for Fissure question...

Postby sd9000 » 09 Dec 2020, 17:22

Hi all,

I have done extensive research over the past few weeks, maybe more than I should be haha. But I like to be informed, often times doctors are not very informative and simply treat you without much explanation.

I am trying to figure out if im healing. In a nutshell, I don't want to be examined again until I feel I have had some good healing (reason below in timeline):

My timeline:

- Nov 1st, caused a knick during a bm. My body was turned to the right looking at my phone on the counter when I felt a sharp piece on a stool. Instead of easing it through I let it go slide through and sure enough felt the knick and saw two drops of blood on the last piece of stool. This is internal left side / left center.

- The first few days I had just a second of slight pain during BM and i was careful to ease it through (using external sphincter control). By day 4 I wasn't feeling anything really as if it was practically gone.

- Nov 10th, had a follow up with CRS for a second hemorrhoid banding (had a successful one in Sept) I told them since I just had the fissure I would like to postpone to make sure it heals fully. He proceeded to examine me with finger and then ansocope to confirm fissure. He ended up touching it with his finger and it hurt, like a sore scab would. This introduced new sensations and some pain that I had not previously had. I feel he tore it further.

- For the first week or so after that, I would get some lingering pain after BMs which varied. Sometimes achy, and sometimes stingy like. I also had two short episodes of itching in the second week, followed by a wet feeling that was actually soothing.

- That brings me to today. I have been using Nifedipine with lidocaine compound for about 3.5 weeks now. I don't get it in too far, but I still get about half my finger tip in so I am sure I am benefitting from it. I have a BM every single morning, drink a lot of water, and eat plenty of fiber and a teaspoon of metamucil daily.


My symptoms for the past few weeks are quite minimal. I will go days and not really notice it, but then I will have a day where its mildly achy, or a feeling like sort of a raw tight scab maybe? like when one is healing on your arm. Or when sitting or lying down this sensation will appear from time to time. I did have two more itching episodes the past two days intermittently that lasted longer than the first two times I had it several weeks ago. The itching always throws me off, I think either its healing, or is it RE-healing meaning maybe it re-tore some, especially since its a several week gap since the last time I had itching. Sometimes i feel the itch when sitting.

Sorry for the long read, it's really hard to gauge this thing as initially it was like nothing within in a few days. I had a similar experience 5 years ago and it was the same way, within a few days I hardly felt it and then within a week that was pretty much it. I just get thrown off when you have like 4 or 5 good days and then the slightest twinge of it there makes you think you aren't healing.

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