Healing question-stiffness

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Healing question-stiffness

Postby Hopefull123 » 02 Dec 2017, 18:38

Hi everyone, new to the board. I've been reading it for the past month and have gathered so much useful information. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, as they help other people including myself.

Here is what's happening to me. I've never been sick in my life and this came as a shock to me. I've never thought I would experience anxiety, as I am a very positive and optimistic person. Well, that all changed 6 months ago, when I caught some virus and I had a severe stomach flu, which lasted for almost a week. I think this created fissures and set off my sphincter into spasms due to the prolonged severe diarrhea. After that I had severe constipation due to dehydration, not eating, weight loss, etc. I knew I had fissures but I only read general info and it said that they will heal by themselves in a few weeks. Well, they didn't, as I didn't try to keep my stool soft. I had fluctuation of bowl movements due to 3 rounds of antibiotics because of some infections from the stomach flu. If I knew back then what I know now, I would have healed them in a heart beat. It took some trial and error though for me to figure out what worked best and what was worsening my fissures. Here is what works for me and for about a week and a half I am pain free, but I started feeling some sort of stiffness. Also, I feel like I am full like I need to have a BM< but I know I don't. That sensation comes about an hour after BM and it lasts for a few hours. That may be spasms, I don't know, because when I would bleed and have the actual pain with BM of after I was feeling just pain from the wound, but not the feeling of being full. Every time the pain goes away I get that fullness sensation that I cant explain. Well, I haven't tested long enough without pain to see if this will go away and it is indeed the healing process. If someone can give me some input that would be great.
The only reason I am going back and forth is because of my diet. This time, I will NOT cheat and I am determined to eat lower carbs, no gluten, grains, nuts, or dairy, as well as sugar, because the main set back for me is gluten. I am just afraid that I have to be on this diet forever. Hopefully after healing and new skin strengthening, things will change. Eating lower carbs (about 50 grams per day) keeps my stool very thin. I am taking about 400 g of magnesium citrate each day. One pill with breakfast and one pill with early dinner. I don't eat after 4 PM and that fasting type helps with overall body healing. I take zinc and potassium, l-glutamine(to heal lining tissues). I also during juice from red cabbage, kale, broccoli and carrots. I basically eat meat, yams and potatoes, eggs, avocado and asparagus. When I eat bread, even taking more magnesium, my stool get bigger although still soft and that causes set backs. So, no bread at all. I have not experimented to add cheese. I am scared at this point to test out other foods. I have to keep going like that for another month.

Any ideas on the stiffness and fullness when pain goes away, but not present what I bleed and have pain?
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Re: Healing question-stiffness

Postby Ihatethisfissure » 03 Dec 2017, 10:04

I think the fullness feeling is the muscle being tight at least that's my theory.
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