Healing Signs ?

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Healing Signs ?

Postby MSA » 01 Mar 2016, 07:23


Im new to this forum.

from my childhood i have constipation. 2 months back i took very spicy food for 3 days continuously and later it was very hard at the time of bowel movement. i had a burning sensation after the bowel movement that lasts for 2 - 3 hrs and there was never a drop a blood, its there for a week. later i changed my diet then i didnt felt any pain. but when i consulted the dr he told me that there is a minor AF and its chronic. he adviced me to undergo a minor surgery. Then i consulted another dr for clarification. He did proctoscopy and told us that i have a minor AF which can treated with medicines and prescribed CREAMGEL, a softner and sitz baths for 15 days. Now i dont have any type of pain or burning sensation but still i can see a cut on my anus. does this indicates healing or do i have to undergo surgery ?

is there any chance of AF changes into fistula ?
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Re: Healing Signs ?

Postby thedude » 01 Mar 2016, 12:05

I was diagnosed with an AF a little over a month ago.

About 3 weeks into it it started feeling a lot better. Barely any pain while going, and very minimal if any after pain now. However when I went to my follow up appointment with my CRS dr., he did say the AF was still there. He said as long as it doesn't get any worse and I don't get any more pain then eventually it will form new skin and the pain and everything should go away.

If you don't have any pain anymore, I would say that you are on your way to healing, but I think you still need to be careful and keep using the creams, keep eating a good diet and drinking plenty of water, because from what I've read, and have been told, these things can take a little while to fully heal due to the location of the cut.

Personally, I would keep using the creams for another couple of weeks or so then have a follow up appointment with your Dr. to get his opinion on your progress.
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