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Heating pad

Postby tightybehind » 20 Dec 2016, 21:33

I haven't found sitz baths very helpful and in fact, kind of uncomfortable. But sitting on a heating pad on low really feels good.

Would sitting on heating pad harm the area? I apply coconut oil multiple times a day to keep the area from getting dry.
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Re: Heating pad

Postby SueH84 » 23 Dec 2016, 04:20

Hi :D

Personally I am not a fan of sitz baths, preferring to use the shower for hygiene. For warmth, in lieu of sitz baths, I used a heat pad which I could plug into the mains. At first I was wary of using it for too long at a time. However having researched online I couldn’t find any dire warnings of overuse and used the pad for as long as I needed. However, I always kept it on a low setting, so that burns were never an issue!
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