Help! Low back/tailbone pain & bleeding

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Help! Low back/tailbone pain & bleeding

Postby back(side)again » 21 Dec 2014, 13:58

Hi all,

So, I have had a fissure that has healed and internal hemorrhoids. In early October, I had some bleeding again, so I went into the CRS, and they explained that it was from the internal hems. The day I visited I had hardly any pain. Over the month, the pain built up in my tailbone/lower back to the point where doing monotonous tasks like shopping, standing to cook, etc. were aggravating.

I went back to the CRS at the beginning of November, as the pain seemed to be more intense than what an internal hem can cause. He sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, but the surgeon, having seen my clean MRI from a half year before, deemed it likely to be my para-spinal muscles. I was assigned to six weeks of PT to strengthen my core.

Now, here I am again. My internal hems started bleeding again yesterday. And slowly, pain is building back up around my tailbone/lower back. Not to say that I didn't have it when I wasn't bleeding for the past month, but it is much more consistent and achy following the bleeding.

Any ideas? I know that internal hems aren't supposed to hurt because there aren't nerves there. I read some theories on that the hems drain the blood from the lower back, but these were considered "dubious" claims.

I'm reaching the end of the rope on this. The CRS says everything looks fine. The orthopedic surgeon says the same thing.

It's just weird that the bleeding seems to lead the pain...
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Re: Help! Low back/tailbone pain & bleeding

Postby pafen » 23 Dec 2014, 01:21

Sounds like it could be the dreaded muscle spasms in the pelvic floor that seems to follow often after the fissure has healed for some including me.

I have had hemroids in the past and often they bled quite a bit, however they produced very little pain for me. Definitely much less pain than an anal fissure.

I have had a previous anal fissure which healed with a LIS procedure. However I continue to have burning. I often wonder if the fissure was treated more quickly would the muscle spasm cycle been prevented?
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