Hemorrhoids or Fissure

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Hemorrhoids or Fissure

Postby sufferer » 15 Dec 2012, 07:27

On my last visit to a surgeon I was told I have a fissure and surgery is the only option. Two weeks later I visit a Procto specialist and he says I have Grade 2 Hemorrhoids and NO fissure! Has anyone else has doctors give conflicting opinions? Is there any way you can tell for yourself whether it is a fissure or a hemorrhoid or both? My feeling is I have both. It has been 4 frustrating months with painful BMs and occassional blood (maybe 3-4 times over the 4 months). Appreciate everyone's inputs and thanks very much in advance.
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Re: Hemorrhoids or Fissure

Postby marg6043 » 15 Dec 2012, 08:11

Well all I can tell you is that when I had my colonoscopy, my gastro doctor told me I had a small hemorrhoid and was no a problem.
But he said nothing about any fissures, at the time, I though that all the pain and discomfort was from hemorrhoids.
Two month later he told me I had a fissure, after returning with very painful discomfort like the feeling of passing glass and blood in the stool, he inspected the area and told me that I have indeed a fissure (very painful experience), even I can see the fissure with a mirror or at least the beginning of it.
Now, some people like me develop a sentinel pile that is a piece of skin that just hangs in the area where the fissure is located and serve as a flap of skin to protect the injured area.
I still can not shake the fact that after the colonoscopy he only saw a small hemorrhoid but said nothing about my sentinel pile or having a fissure.
That still bothers me. Is been now 5 month and this is not like any hemorrhoid problem I ever had, this is constant discomfort that gets sore during your bathroom visit, gets better for a few days and it comes back again. On and off, and you get small spots of blood when cleaning the area.
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