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Postby Deleted User 4101 » 01 Mar 2015, 14:36

Hi there folks.

Well, I've been a long term sufferer of AF. Going back to the 90's.
I'd have occasional pain and blood during BM's, but, it's only been in the last year, or so, that it's really gotten bad..

I've heard stories of people passing out from the pain, I sympathize. I haven't been that bad, but I actually had one instance where I thought suicide would be preferable to this daily, horrifying, pain.

I read up on surgical options, but I'm terrified of what may happen if it goes wrong.. the thought of ending up in diapers, or it simply not working, has discouraged me.

I'm feeling a bit of relief today.
At the recommendation of other web testimonials, I'm trying "Forces of Nature Fissure Control" along with "Dulcolax" (links at the bottom). No pain today.. but, I can honestly say that I over did it on the Ducolax (I'm laughing on the outside, but it's not funny) - recommended dosage was 1-3 pills. I was fairly constipated, so I took 2.. mistake.. I hope this wears off before tomorrow morning, or i'm not gonna be able to go to work, haha.

Forces of Nature Fissure Control: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005C55HPG/
Ducolax: http://www.amazon.com/Dulcolax-Laxative-Tablets-100-Count/dp/B000063XTO/Anyways.. Glad I found this group, and i'm glad i'm not alone in this.
Deleted User 4101

Re: Hiya

Postby Deleted User 4101 » 05 Mar 2015, 01:27

Well, thanks for the warm welcome. See ya.
Deleted User 4101

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