How must a normal BM feel like? Is slight scraping normal?

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How must a normal BM feel like? Is slight scraping normal?

Postby bumlord » 25 Mar 2019, 15:28

Hi, everyone! I'm wondering how does a normal bowel movement (BM) feel like, because I'm feeling a bit paranoid and I'm thinking that maybe I am exaggerating -- so I was thinking that I should ask you people. So, I'm trying to do a little survey here and see how a normal BM feels like, because AFs made me so goddamned paranoid that I really don't know anymore. Nobody really talks about this shit (pun intended) so I couldn't find any information on the internet, obviously.

I am currently healing (I hope), and I pay a LOT of attention to every BM.

Most of the times, I can sense its structure, unless it's a perfect 30-40g fiber poo that simply drops out and in that case I can only vaguely sense its slippery outside texture as it drops out -- it feels like a wet snake, I guess.
Sometimes, I can feel roughness if the BM is a bit too dry. There's no pain, but, well, there is a bit of soreness (probably due to strained pelvic floor muscles and irritated skin, right?). After a very rough BM I can feel a dull burning sensation which disappears after about 10 mins, deeper in the anal tract (or possibly in the rectum), which feels as if it comes from spasming pelvic floor muscles, e.g. from puborectalis or maybe levator ani. I had a very rough and big BM a few days ago and I could feel its texture almost in sandpaper-y kind of way, which made me panic a little. No blood though.

Is being sensitive normal? I had this AF for about 6 months but I think I've been healed for about 8 months. Never had pain nor blood since then, so I'm guessing I'm fine. Is it normal, as a normal and healed person, to feel the texture of a poo with a lot of details, like: painless but irritating sandpaper (when it's dry) or a wet snake (when it's a perfect BM)? To be honest, I don't remember ever thinking about the texture of poos before I had this AF, so I have no idea what a normal BM feels like, really.
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Re: How must a normal BM feel like? Is slight scraping norma

Postby Tryingtorelax » 15 Jun 2019, 17:31

I wish I could remember what a normal BM feels like so I could tell you. From what I remember before the AF I don’t think I ever felt scraping. Maybe a tightness though.
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Re: How must a normal BM feel like? Is slight scraping norma

Postby sadbutt » 15 Jun 2019, 19:03

I never had any scraping pain from normal BMs (oh, the good old days...) but after you've experienced AF, I think we are all paying WAY more attention to every detail of our BMs - so maybe that's what you are going through. Having a rough big BM the other day and not tearing back open sounds very promising that you may be pretty healed up! Yay :)
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