HUGE Hemorrhoid after BOTOX---Treatment?

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Re: HUGE Hemorrhoid after BOTOX---Treatment?

Postby Ever the Optimist » 15 Sep 2013, 15:07

Hi JC1,
I already responded to your other post but I really am sorry to read that you developed a fistula too....You now sound just like I was just over a year ago! Hat trick for me too. LOL. Luckily I also live very close to work and was also able to shoot home for BMs in my own comfort zone!!
The good thing I found was that whilst my fistula took centre stage, I noticed the fissure a lot less and everything else!! Unfortunately, as you know by now I'm sure, you will need surgery to remove the problem. They rarely go away by themselves and leaving them, just means enduring all that leakage and inflamation in the meantime and the potential for them to develop further too. It sounds like it's been caught really early, so hopefully, chances are the fistula will be small and superficial, which are really easy to deal with and recover from.....Just get it over & done with as soon as you can - and if you read all the posts on the fistula thread, you will see most people recover really well, in a relatively short space of time, with very little pain, just maybe a little uncomfortable for the first couple of weeks. You will feel so much better once it's over & done with for sure....
As for "going" a lot, it could be additional stress (?) or have you introduced anything new into your diet at all????
Last week, I switched wholegrain pitta breads & stopped eating wheat for the full week - I substituted with Rye breads instead and my usual 2 a day pattern jumped straight to 3!! It's a bit of a quandry actually because I'd rather not have the additional BM to contend with but my BMs are actually a lot easier and softer to expel, so not sure what to do now!! Perhaps there's just something you're eating regularly that's causing this to happen but you're not aware of what it is ??
Perhaps just keep a diary and eliminate certain foods at a time and see what effect this has???
Wishing you all the best in finding out!! & keep updating......... :)
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