I’m a New sufferer

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Re: I’m a New sufferer

Postby appleapple » 21 Jun 2019, 07:30


Topical Treatment:

I've managed to have non-bulky, soft stool for close to a week by now and I no longer have intense level 8-9 pain. Before this week, a supplement (to treat hemorrhoid) I was taking contained psyllium husk and was making my stool soft but bulky, so morning BM was pure torture and pain level afterward would be 7-9, lasting pretty much all day. I had to take pain killers to manage (otherwise I'd lie in bed and whimper/scream).

For the past three days I'd say the most intense pain I felt was probably a 4, and the average pain level was maybe 2? And my pain free period is getting longer and longer so I no longer take pain killers.

My fissure is deep inside, not visible on the outside, so it's really hard to reach the site with my fingers or even with a dropper (with liquidy/oil topicals). Prescribed topicals (Anusol, nifedipine) didn't really do anything for me. I haven't used calmoseptine or pranicura.

For now, morning before BM, I use a honey/propolis based all-purpose-salve (from the cosmetic brand Farmacy) and petroleum jelly to lubricate. Through out the day I use three propolis/cocoa butter/other natural oil based suppositories that I bought from a bee farm/company in another state (I'm in the U.S.). I also use a Chinese herbal cream (called Ma Ying Long) once or twice a day (use the special cap to inject it into my rectum).

I have an arsenal of different types of suppositories and butt creams in my bathroom now, so on top of my standard regimen, I also sometimes use these other cream semi-randomly, to massage or lubricate with. The ones I use most besides my standard regimen is coconut oil and WiseWays Witch Hazel Salve.


I had a class yesterday and brought a sitting cushion with me. It helped a bit (but still doesn't make sitting completely comfortable). Weirdly, donuts don't work for me. I bought one right after I got my first fissure (which I healed from, before relapsing into this current 2nd one). When I sit on it, I still like I'm putting pressure on areas near the fissure.
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Re: I’m a New sufferer

Postby Luv247 » 22 Jun 2019, 01:44

So I’ve decided to go back to my previous routine using the coconut and essential oil suppositories followed by calmoseptine at night. The pranicura is just to painful at this point. I got immediate relief from the suppositories so I need to go with what feels better I think. There are some crazy ingredients in that Chinese remedy! Im a vegetarian so I’m gonna put that one off for now. Lol! I hope you are well!
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