Im back as promised :)

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Re: Im back as promised :)

Postby havefaith » 21 Apr 2014, 11:02

Aw thanks sugar as ur name implies ur quite sweet :) i pray that ur second round of botox goes well for you, are they doing 30 units each side ? Eating healthily for me has never been a problem due to me being a health nut lol. Anything is better than fissure pain or anything that messes with the pudendal nerve. I also has a klebsillia infection down there riiiiight before my initial botox and so i had to wait two weeks on anti biotics for it to clear before we proceeded... Remember this WILL end.... This is not forever, nothing is forever god makes it so. God willing ull be taking those girls to the pool this year!!! We have to will it!!! I am getting better and so are you... Ill hold your hand through it or anyone elses. Im here for all of you. For advice or if tou just want to bitch and whine to me about ur pains plz do so cuz i sure did plenty of it... Ive never cried before this but it made me question myself and my whole life and i dont want another single soul to feel alone.... Im here to serve gods creations... This whole situation humbled me greatly... Have faith and stay strong, fissures mess with ur mi d just as much as ur anus!!!
I have faith in you always, i love you like my own son or daughter, when you hurt, i hurt. Let us all be each others guiding light, and heal without anxiety :) Much love to all.
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Re: Im back as promised :)

Postby richibeno » 23 Apr 2014, 05:31

God bless
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Re: Im back as promised :)

Postby sugarspice » 26 Apr 2014, 04:39

Thank you Richibino that's really kind of you. I'm doing quite well sofaron second round of botox, no bleeding or massive pain, so I think it's re-healing and not re-tearing. You never know! :-D
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