incision site tear post LIS

recovery tips?

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incision site tear post LIS

Postby Turk the cat » 19 Jan 2015, 22:04

So, silly rabbit that I am, I figured recovering from the LIS procedure itself would have been the hardest part of operation. In my case that isn't quite the situation. The LIS portion went well enough and CRS pronounced it healed last week.

However, since the second week following surgery I've had problems at the incision site. First that nasty blood clot incident and now the area near the incision site opened up. Twice. The first was relatively shallow, and was well on the way to healing when, alas, it was re-torn by a hard BM. [If you missed my writeups on this check my past postings. Good times.]

I'm hopeful that when the incision site heals that it will stay healed. You have NO IDEA how diligently I've been working on keeping my stools soft. The entire area often hurts when sitting, both on incision site and LIS area (I mean its healed but still healing right.)

Also my entire bottom has been feeling a titch uncomfortably moist. I was alternating using Calmoseptine and Calendulas cream, up to 4 times daily (2 each) but have slowed that down to just 1 - 2 daily a few days ago, after I felt the calendulas started to irritate the area. I think that was my fault using too much -- it is really staggering how with these ointments in such a delicate place how sometimes a tiny amount is the best solution.

This past month I'm also using plain old Vaseline, which although it has no restorative properties, especially if I'm going for a walk or drive, as it really does tend to soothe the areas. I think there is a medicated version? I'm just using the classic.

I'm also experimenting as of today, to just use the handheld shower head in the bath on a gentle setting instead of bathing. Again, I feel the area is getting too wet. For the record, I think a handheld shower head is perhaps the #1 item that people with fissures can use in their life. Believe it or not, I didn't get one until just before my surgery (hashtag what a dummy.)

I do realize these are still fairly early days, more or less, and no doubt some of the discomfort I'm feeling stems from basic recovery and that I'm going to bounce back and get better and better. I know it isn't going to happen overnight.

I'm curious if others have had other incision site troubles or all round healing tips? Please reply here with tips or comments.

Thanks! Turk's mom
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