Introducing myself and my fissure frenemy

23 year old with chronic fissure!!

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Introducing myself and my fissure frenemy

Postby no-more » 15 Mar 2014, 12:28

Hi everyone!

I came across this support forum a couple of months ago which has been a god-send for me in coping with both the physical and mental effects of having anal fissures and I can't thank everyone enough for sharing their tips and advice on here. It's so nice to feel like you're not alone in this ordeal which I certainly feel like when I compare myself to my work colleagues, friends, family etc although I guess it's one of those taboo subjects that people don't particularly like to talk about... It's ridiculous though I feel like I have butt envy these days : I live in London and take the tube to work every day and just look around at the general public and envy that they 'seem' to be able to sit down normally and lead a normal no-pain-in-the-arse life! This is because most of the time I'm in such pain when I sit down and having a desk-based job sitting for hours upon hours in a seat doesn't help... in fact does anyone have any recommendations to help with this predicament?

Anyway a little bit about me. I feel like I'm pretty young for having these horrific butt problems - I'm a 23 year old female although my fissure started last November properly when I was 22 so about 5 months ago. Actually, I've had all 3 problems with the bum: I initially had an external hemmy which possibly started with a fissure and then turned into a horribled angry and inflamed skin tag which is located right next to my anus and flares up regularly causing severe pain. I also have 2-3 fissures located around my anus ( I say 2-3 because I have been told different things by different doctors). One new fissure popped up a few weeks ago which disheartened me greatly. Basically, I thought after weeks of applying rectogesic ointment, taking lactulose and other things like coconut oil that it was FINALLY on the mend. Then, about a week and a half ago, it all went to shit (excuse the pun). I suddenly had extreme severe pains that I had never felt in that region before, more severe than the fissure pain I had previously felt. I couldn't even sit down or anything and had to book an emergency appointment at the doctors who then referred to me to specialist colon rectal surgeon at the hospital. I was pretty sure it was my skin tag actually that got inflamed and angry after putting rectogesic ointment around it which is meant to help blood flow to the area but which I can't think is too good for any skin tags as this can only aggravate them.

So I went to the surgeon and he gave me some Diltiazem Hydrochloride cream (2%) that needs to be kept in the fridge and said to see him again in 3 months time which, considering the pain I wasn't too happy about as I didn't feel like he was quite understanding the severity of pain I am in. After the first day of using this cream however I had some serious side effects - extreme thirst - literally drinking litres upon litres of water, extreme lack of energy/motivation and general feeling unwell, lightheadedness AND I also started getting this red raw patch of skin with a small bump/lump in a small circle next to my anus which looked inflamed and was so painful to touch but also throughout the day. Also, I have been having LOTS of blood in the toilet which I'm really worried about as whenever I read about people with fissures having blood in their stools it's described as being just a small amount on the toilet paper. Mine was in my poop (sorry to be so open) and felt/looked like A LOT and now I'm worried that I might have an interal hemmy too but I don't know as no doctor has actually taken a proper look 'inside' and I don't know how much blood can be in your poo if you have a fissure.

Please can somebody tell me if the blood should be just a few small bright red dots on the toilet paper (which Ive had many times before) or loads of blood mixed in with your poop and in the toilet? I'm also worried that this Diltiazem hydrochloride cream is making it worse too because i get bad stinging with it when I put it on. Sorry to be so graphic I would never normally be so open but as I'm sure most of you know having butt problems sure changes your openness and lowers your guard when talking about very private things!

WELL, thanks for listening and hope to hear from some of you soon! I would really appreciate any advice or helpful information whether it be big or small. I will do anything to rid me of these problems and I just feel like right now I have no light at the end of the tunnel and that I'll be suffering with this forever more and I'm only 23! I sometimes decline social invites to things now too because I'm scared of how bad the pain will be when I'm around others :( Oh and talking about pain, most things I rad about fissures say that you have pain when defecating and for an hour with spasms after it too, but then fails to mention any other pain. Is it normal to be in pain ALL DAY with shooting/searing pains?!

Thanks x
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Re: Introducing myself and my fissure frenemy

Postby Me82 » 16 Mar 2014, 03:48

First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your fissure problems. This seems to be a good forum for support and advice. I've only posted here a few times myself despite having fissure problems on and off for over ten years.

Regarding how much blood there is when you have a fissure. I think it can vary a lot. It is common that the BM is coated with blood on the side that touches the fissure. I've also had blood dripping in to the toilet at times looking like you're on your period. Sorry for the graphic details. I've also had large red stains on the toilet paper, think about an inch in diameter. It's not often I bleed that much but it depends. E.g. I had a very soft BM this morning and it did hurt when it came out and there was blood on the BM and the toilet paper but only a smaller amount on the paper. I hope this helps. I personally freak out a little. I personally freak out a little bit when it bleeds more than a tiny bit.

Good luck and I hope the fissure improves soon!
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