Is Nifedipine Only for Spasms?

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Is Nifedipine Only for Spasms?

Postby Kari-bee » 01 Nov 2015, 21:15

I've had my fissure for about a month now, and I'm finding my healing to be a two steps forward, one step back kind of deal. My question is about the Nifedipine. On good days, I find I don't use it as often as I am not experiencing muscle spasms. But I wonder if it's important to keep up on it no matter what, as a preventive? Thoughts?

One more thing - I've seen posts where folks talk about putting creams or ointments on their fissure. Does this mean you can actually see yours? Or, is the ointment just applied inside the anus?

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Re: Is Nifedipine Only for Spasms?

Postby msimon » 01 Nov 2015, 23:20

Hi Karen. Doctors will prescribe the nifedipine for daily use for up to 8 weeks, or even longer, regardless of whether you are feeling better or not. The thing with fissures is that you may start to feel better before you are completely healed and, because it takes so long to completely heal down there, it is important to keep with the medication. It is a very good sign that you don't feel you need it; however, even if you are not experiencing the pain of spasms, the medication is still increasing blood flow to the area and promoting healing. Unless you are having unpleasant side effects, I would keep with it until it is confirmed that you are healed.
As for application, the ointment only needs to be applied to the skin surrounding the anus as that skin is highly absorptive, and this will prevent further damage to the fissure. Some may be able to see theirs but many cannot. My CRS had to really pry but only had a full visual of it when I was under for my surgery.
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