Is this a hemorrhoid? attached

Do you have Hemorrhoids and are contemplating or have had a Hemorrhoidectomy? If you are thinking of surgery, or want to ask questions on anything to do with Hemorrhoids, or want to share with others who have been through this, this is the place!

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Is this a hemorrhoid? attached

Postby mdr500 » 04 Oct 2015, 00:30

I am a 38 yr old male, slim body type. Unfortunately, I sit too much, and not drink enough water along with a somewhat healthily diet, but probably not enough fiber. Anyhow, about 1.5 years ago I noticed I had blood on the toilet paper and in the toilet. It disappeared, then re-occurred every few months for a day, then again disappear for a few months. I did not take it too seriously... and did not make lifestyle adjustments to my detriment.

I was constipated recently, straining way too much, and it started to bleed again. I know better but obviously did not learn my lesson. It has been bleeding off and on for five weeks, with a few incidents that are worrying with the large amount (not surprising as it is a blood vessel but goes to show the damage is worse). About ten days ago I got very serious with my diet. No wheat products, no dairy products, no alcohol, no coffee. I am living on oatmeal, salads, greens, fruit, and a ton of water, plus a tbsp of benefiber everyday. My BM are very nice and soft and take probably thirty seconds versus the previous five or ten minutes of straining I was accustomed to. I started to also use Desitin, 40% zinc, and this product works extremely well to control the bleeding. There are only a few drops when using Desitin internally (I put a pea size on my finger and insert it). I talked to a doctor (he didn't look at it), and prescribed some HC cream, and the Desitin works better plus does not have a steroid which weakens the skin.

Couple questions. Can an internal hemorrhoid at this state actually heal itself and stop bleeding given my diet/water and a lot of supplements I am taking? I realize healing takes time but I am stressed out. Every BM scares me. This is a terrible way to live but at least it "appears" to be getting better with my major lifestyle changes.

Second question, regarding the attached photos. I apologize in advance as they are fairly zoomed in so might look worse than it is. One is without straining, and another is straining to show the protruding mass which I think is probably a hemorrhoid. Am I right assuming this is a hemorrhoid, and if so, does it look like something I can manage with diet/exercise/water or should it be banded which I am trying to avoid?

Thank you for any input.

Pic 2. Straining.

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Re: Is this a hemorrhoid? attached

Postby Savaici » 04 Oct 2015, 11:39

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Didn't look at the photos, but everyone, at sometime in their lives, has hemorrhoids. Personally, having had hemorrhoid surgery, I would never put myself through the pain of any sort of surgery to my rear again.! Worst pain I ever experienced and beats childbirth, hand down. I would stick to what you are doing, drink plenty of water, don't overdo the fibre for your weight, and use something like Miralax to keep things flowing smoothly.
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