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Re: Just got home from LIS surgery

Postby SoreBum » 23 Sep 2012, 05:55

No problem Bumpkin, we've all got our own lives to live, and it seems like you've been going through a lot more than me in your recovery, so it's perfectly understandable :) By the way, read your recent updates, glad to hear everything is starting to go well for you as it sounds like you'd had a nightmare up until that point!
Anyway, I was just checking in to give some updates and how I've been getting along. I think it's important that I endeavour to report back as it may be helpful for someone else in future.
Right, so i last checked in on day 2. I'd had my first BM that day, albeit a very small one. So what's happened since?
Day 3

Day 3 I finally had a full BM. It was huuuuggeee! I guess because I was backlogged from not having gone on monday or tuesday, and only a small one wednesday.
At this point I was still convinced that there was going to be a whole lot of pain when passing the BM, so I braced for the worst when I had that feeling in my bowels. I wasn't really relaxing as a result, and so things weren't moving as quickly as I'd hoped. I was very tempted to strain, "just a little bit of straining to get things moving" I told myself. The anticipation was killing me and I just wanted to get it over with, but I quickly perished the thought from my mind before I did any damage. A little later, with some deep breathing and mental focus, BOOM it flew out of me at what seemed like light speed. To my surprise there was little pain, aside from a tiny stinging sensation, but I think this was more the incision site than the fissure. I beamed a smile at what had to be nicest poop I'd taken in years! I cleaned myself up, rinsed with a shower and took a bath afterwards.
The rest of the day went by completely uneventfully - I had no spasms from the fissure and no pain for the rest of the day. It's worth pointing out that the wound was still weeping quite a bit when I changed my dressing later in the day.
Day 4

Again, very little to report. I was feeling a lot more confident and relaxed today after yesterday's BM. I had breakfast, and about half hour later it was time. Again, it was a huge poop, catching up from the start of the week still I guess. This time there was even less of a sting to accompany the BM. I really must emphasise how insignificant the sting has been, it's only at the start of the BM and only for a fraction of a second. Compared to the sharp stabbing pain I'd get with the fissure, this doesn't even register on the scale, maybe a 0.1 out of 10 :D Same follow-up routine as the day before: wipe, rinse, bathe, dry, dress wound. Again no pain or anything to report for the rest of the day, though i do feel "aware" of my ass for a short while after the BM - but that's no worry I only had surgery a few days ago, it's still healing!
Day 5

Yesterday passed uneventfully, with another pain-free BM. Feeling very positive that everything is going so well, it's very unusual for me as I usually have such bad luck! I am feeling happy and excited that after so many years the fissure may have been defeated. I'm dreaming of all the things I can do without planning around my fissure, without worry of pain and agony. It feels good. The weeping is starting to die down, there's still some red-brown on the dressing but most of it seems to be quite clear, sweat maybe? Ewww :)
Day 6

I just had my daily BM, again no pain :) and weeping from the site is reducing further still, awesome!
I'm starting to worry about what happens when I'm off the stool softener, as I've never been able to achieve consistently soft BM's (maybe that doesn't even matter when the fissure has healed?!), but that's a concern for later. I'm going to pick up some more later this week as my lactulose has almost been used up.
Also I'm starting to notice that my perineum is getting a little sore, presumably from the constant wash-dry hygiene routine that I'm adhering to. I'm used to having dry/sore skin, so luckily have some emollient about the house which I've applied to the area. Can feel it soothing already. It's fantastic that through all of this, my biggest concern is a little bit of sore skin :D

So on the whole I'm doing very well, I feel a great relief that I'm not dealing with spasms and all the horrible stuff associated with a fissure, and I'm feeling more confident going to the toilet each day. It's funny I'm realising that over the years I've built up this kind of fear of the toilet - deservedly so I guess - and that there's always this sense of apprehension when needing to go. I guess it's the years of turbulence of being in agony for weeks at a time, then having a few days respite and the hope that it may be healing, before it comes back worse than ever. In the back of my mind it feels like it's inevitably going to come back , but I'm sure that's just the years of conditioning to cope with the fissure. I suspect that it'll take a while to be completely at ease with all that stuff but I'm feeling more confident by the day.
Thanks for everything guys; for the support, for detailing your experiences and for convincing me to have the LIS. Without you I'd probably be in agony right now as the fissure spasms start to kick in. For that I am forever indebted.
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