Laxative Dependency

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Re: Laxative Dependency

Postby Ana » 06 Sep 2016, 03:41

Hi, it's me again...Just need some advice :(

My colonoscopy is on Thursday and I'm worried about the results of the preps/diet. Because I tend to have a slow perystalsis (not constipation per se, -i.e hard stool), I started eating less for about a week ago, and acutally started the low residue diet on Sunday (so 5 days, not 3 days before the colonoscopy). As advised, I was still taking Movicol/Miralax and increased the dosage a bit.

However, since I began this diet which consits mainly of eating some fish, jelly, a bit of mashed potato and toasts, I have not had normal bowel movement (apologies for being so descipritve, but since Saturday no "hard matter" just runny BM/and today even almost clear/yellowish water). I'm not sure if this is normal... or did I get constipated, as a result of this diet, which I don't usually (I'm pretty damn sure I would be going once a week if I was on low fiber diet permanently though!). I did also take senna tablets to see if I can "get things going" but it seems as though there is very little in there and I don't think they worked at all. I might try Bisacodyl but I don't want to oversue anything because I already give my bowels "a good ride" and want them to get back to normal afterwards.

Did anybody follow a smilliar preparation route as me? Is this reaction normal?
I know I may be paranoid but I'm worried that the bowels won't be clear enough. I already took 3 days off work for this "lovely" procedure so can't afford to repeat it again.

Any experience/advise would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Laxative Dependency

Postby Savaici » 11 Sep 2016, 21:18

Sorry nobody replied, but hope all went well!
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