Life is weird

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Re: Life is weird

Postby Alyssa » 10 Aug 2014, 17:08


I never had any issues with my pelvic floor until I got a fissure 6 months ago, I have gone to physical therapy but the pain has not subsided. The doctor has suggested I try Botox on my muscles since she thinks that my tight muscles is contributing to the small retears (which are not visible upon inspection) but they do cause me to bleed several times a month, stinging and burning while having a BM.

Thanks for the suggestion...
2/14 Fissure developed
3/14 Diagnosed w/ fissure given Nifedipine
4/14 Referred to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy=Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
5/14 Fissure declared "healed"/chronic anal pain persists
9/5/14 Botox to pelvic floor
9/22 biofeedback
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Re: Life is weird

Postby msimon » 15 Aug 2014, 02:52

Outdoorsmen, I really like your advice. Before I got my fissure I did the same thing with he finger up the butt before a BM. Whatever works right? Worked like a charm only now it is locked shut down there and I just have to wait until these awful fissures heal (I now have 2) as any time something goes up there I retear and sometimes bleed. Just got a top up of botox so I hope that helps the process along.
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