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Re: LIS Hard Stools

Postby Carolineandy1 » 13 Oct 2014, 07:23

Update day 25 post LIS. First BM felt ok. Had a little bit of tenderness but no pain which felt so good after yesterday. I was hoping to just have one BM today. I used to get really stressed until I'd had my second BM, but now it's the other way around. Anyway second BM arrived later than usual and unfortunately caused me a little bit of pain. The stool was more firm than I would have liked. So I am now waiting for the pain :(

I took my dog to the vets this morning as like his mum he has bottom problems. His gland fill and need expressing. The vet said his stools were too soft and to combat it we need to add fiber in to his diet to get a firmer stool which is the complete opposite to what the Dr says. Confused.
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Re: LIS Hard Stools

Postby agnibeat » 19 Oct 2014, 13:20

+ combination of soluble and insoluble fiber
+ avoid meat ( red/dark), alcohol and coffee
+ benefiber
+ flax seeds
+ take two spoons olive oil at night just before dinner. It helps.
+ take 1 spoon olive oil just before lunch.It helps!
+ Drink 2-3 liters of water
+ fruits, green veggies, wheat bread.
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Re: LIS Hard Stools

Postby rockybalboa76 » 23 Oct 2014, 11:11

There is hope. I had LIS two years ago and I'm now fine. Remember. You're a tank. Keep rolling and you'll get there.
Regarding the constipation, you might want to cut out rice. My doctor recommended that I do. It sucks up water and you want to retain water in your stool to keep it soft. Also, is prawn curry hot? You might want to avoid that too.
These days, I always drink a half cup of prune juice before bed. The sugar in it helps retain water and it makes things soft in the morning. Regarding weight issues, I had them, too. I eventually had my primary care doctor recommend a dietitian. She put me on a diet to bring my weight back up. It will be different for everybody and you'll want to ease into the new diet so your body won't go into shock and get diarrhea. Here are my notes from the dietitian:
While dealing with the fissure, I began eating less and less. I was afraid of ingesting something that might cause me pain when it came out the back end. As a result, I developed a mild eating disorder. My weight dropped to 133 pounds.
Since I was not getting good dietary advice from the surgeon or the doctor, I decided to take action myself and see a DIETITIAN/NUTRITIONIST. It was someone recommended by primary care physician.

The dietitian was at a hospital. When I arrived, they had me do a bunch of paperwork. The billing person claimed that since it was at a hospital it wasn’t considered a doctor’s visit. It would be considered an outpatient hospital visit. Instead of paying a regular co-pay of $20 or $30, I would be paying $300. She also asked if I wanted to pay it now. I told her to send the bill to my insurance company and they could haggle over it. Her attempt to get $300 immediately almost seemed like a con to me, like she was trying to get me to pay the full amount instead of having the insurance company talk them down and reduce the price. Beware of this hospital con. Don’t pay on the scene. Always have them send the bill to your insurance company.

Next, I visited with the dietitian. Here’s what she said:

-She would like me to add another 10 pounds. (Target weight around 144 lbs)
-It takes a long time to add weight. You can only add about 1 to 2 pounds a month.
It will take several months.

She seems to think the hard stools that caused the fissure happened because of:
-Too much protein drinks and protein powder
-Too much alcohol
-Too much coffee
-I think if you add all the rice I was eating to the picture, you see that it was all drying out the stool and making it too hard.
-Then, when I became stressed, it hardened the stool even more.
-She really stressed the point that the mind controls the whole body. If it’s stressed, it locks everything up down there. As a result, things would get hard.
-She said your intestine is lined with little gate keeper like things. When you get stressed, they lock up – and they make the stool very hard to pass. She seems to think this might have been happening when I had those spasm days.
-I need to learn to relax
-Stress can most definitely cause hard stool

-I told her about all the protein drinks and protein that I was taking around the time of the fissure (Powders can sometimes have 20g of protein)
-She said that protein dehydrates. Your kidneys don’t like it. They try to flush it out and with it, a lot of water goes with it, which then causes your stool to be hard.
-She wants me to stay below 100g of protein a day (120g would be the ultimate limit)
-Plus, I need to throw out all the protein powders and drinks. When exercising, I can get all the protein I need from foods. The powders will just mess me up.

-To help me add weight, she suggested I add some of the following to my diet.
-She said I need high calories and high protein
-She just suggested that I take Vitamin A, Zinc and Vitamin C
-Spinach doesn’t constipate according to her. She seemed to think the doctor’s didn’t know what they were talking about.
-For the iron and stuff, she initially told me to eat more hamburger. She said eat meat balls, hamburger, ground beef
-Iron supplements can constipate but you don’t have to worry about iron in food constipating.
-Oat meal – it doesn’t constipate. Rarely
-Rice – I should limit it to ½ cup or less. Too much rice can constipate
-Pineapple is fine. She didn’t think it constipated at all

-I should add:
-Prune juice – I can drink 6 to 8oz before bed. This will make my morning stool soft.
I should either be eating 4 prunes or drink 6oz prune juice every day. This is high in iron and calories.
-Nutrigrain bars are fine. I can even try getting Quaker 100 calorie bars

Add between meals:
1 to 2 Tbsp of smooth peanut or almond butter
-peanut butter -- Peanut butter won’t constipate. This way, you don’t have to eat the hard peanuts
-You can put them on crackers
-2 Tbsp olive oil should be added to every meal
-Put margarine on crackers in the morning.
-1 whole avocado every day
-Silk – She thinks drinking it is great
-1 yogurt minimum each day
-Orange juice - Keep up drinking it. It has healing properties.

-Too much protein, you pee it out. 120g is the limit
-No protein supplements

I don’t need to come back unless I’m having further issues.

So, I began adding these items to my diet. Within a week, I was having frequent diarrhea.

I called the dietician to see what the Hell went wrong:
-She didn’t really give me an answer. She just told me to basically cut back on the foods she suggested and ease into them.
-I checked with my primary care physician and asked, “Why do I have diarrhea?” He said, it’s because if you start taking too much fat too fast, your body rejects it. You have diarrhea. You have to ease into it. When you haven’t been eating a lot of fat and suddenly you start adding a lot of fat, your body tries to reject it. It flushes it out through diarrhea.
-I should gradually ease into adding the healthy fats so my body has time to adjust.
-For the next couple of days, cut out Prune Juice and Orange Juice
-The dietician said prunes can have no affect on people or it can cause the runs in others. You just have to play around with it to see how your body reacts
-Avocado is okay
-Peanut butter just do 1 teaspoon
-She told me to cut back on the Almond Butter. I told her I was going to cut it out completely
-I told her that I had chills on Sunday and Monday night – but I didn’t have a fever at the Doctor’s office. She said that fever can come and go. It does sound like I had a fever
-If I’m no better by the end of the week, I should set up an appointment to see her.
-After I got off the phone, I checked my temperature and it was 97.5 (Which is normal)
-I cut back and eased into the new diet. Eventually, the diarrhea stopped and I slowly began to add the necessary weight.

Hope all that helps
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