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Long time lurker

Postby aranea » 08 Dec 2015, 04:15

Howdy everyone,

I've been lurking on this site for about a year ever since I noticed my pile. It's been a great resource, but since the darn thing isn't going away anytime soon I thought I would go ahead and join the ranks!

I don't even know for sure if I have a fissure - I'm only 23 for goodness sake - but I'm fairly certain of my pile. I used to have slightly bloody BMs (not so much these days) and still have some constipation. The pile used to be able to go in, but now it's always poking out; it looks like a finger!! It's mostly a nuisance and an eyesore than anything else, and it makes cleaning a bit of a task. It can hurt at times when it gets inflamed, usually after a large BM, but otherwise no huge concerns. Just hoping to take away methods of reducing the inflammation and maybe get rid of it on my own. Is something like this even covered under insurance?

Anywho, I'm off to bed - hoping it hurts a little less tomorrow. Thanks for having me! Will post again soon!
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Re: Long time lurker

Postby Canadabum » 08 Dec 2015, 22:25

Hi Aranea


Glad you found us....this is a great place to get advice and discuss your own personal journey with others who are going through or have gone through similar issues.

Sounds like your Pile is pretty much a nuisance but not causing you much distress or pain...is that correct? As for whether you ever had a fissure...it is usually noticed by the sufferer because it hurts so much when passing stool...some describe it as passing razor blades and shards of glass.

These butt problems seem not to care about age, gender etc etc....they unfortunately impact us all...

As for insurance covering your treatments for piles...i am not sure where you live so cant comment on that. I would suggest you call your dr. office and ask them the question.

Let us know how we can be helpful...all best,
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