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Looking for help

Postby Longboarder2 » 19 Jul 2015, 08:06

I was recently diagnosed with an anal fissure and my immense pain and discomfort led me to a Google search and to this board. I know how info-seeking posts on boards like this can be long winded, so I'll be as brief as possible.

My actual fissure pain is usually short lived and generally tolerable---just an itching irritation-like pain with some sharpness that occurs immediately following my morning bowel movements. What has prompted me to seek help are the paralyzingly painful and immensely uncomfortable spasms that occur in my right butt cheek region after every bowel movement. My spasms are incredibly painful and last for 6-7 hours every day----to the point where I can set a clock by them. They are equally and consistently painful regardless of position (standing, sitting, laying, prone, etc.)

6:30a bowel movement
6:45-8:30-9a discomfort at the fissure site
9a-2:30-3p painful spasms with peak discomfort from 12:30p-2:30p
4p-rest of night, like nothing ever happened.

Percocet, Motrin, flexeril, and lidocaine patches cannot even take the edge off this pain.

I was symptomatic for about 7 days before diagnosis and have been using the nitroglycerin ointment as directed for four days now.

How long of a recovery am I in for?
What can be done to treat the spasms???? ---some reading has led me to find Levsinex does it work? Nifedipine emulsion gel is marketed as a miracle cure---does it work?
Should,I try to solicit a pain management doctor for an epidural nerve block.

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Re: Looking for help

Postby Savaici » 19 Jul 2015, 12:35

Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us!

Sadly, your symptoms are typical of a fissure. I am a female, and have had a baby. Believe me, I better endured that...

There are many links on here, but I will give you the one with posts related to spasms. My healing took quite a long time ( I will actually add it to my profile in the next few days), as do most with this wretched thing. Do take the time to read all the sticky posts as they are filled with advice.

Drink lots of water, do not overdo the fibre (look up the amount you need for your sex) and invest in a Sitz bath, as the warm water brings blood to the area and helps to relieve the pain. See a CRS if you only saw a GP about this, and dont leave it too long to do so.

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