Lowered immunity?

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Lowered immunity?

Postby Mae » 26 Aug 2015, 15:02

One of my teachers just said today that anyone with a chronic condition (even something manageable like diabetes) can have a lowered immunity. Because the body is working extra hard to take care of these ailments, it can't devote as much energy to fighting off infections/diseases.

Now, I didn't raise my hand and ask about anal fissures, but it's what immediately came to mind.

Do you think we are more susceptible to getting sick while we have a fissure, particularly if it's chronic/recurring? Have any of you noticed that you get ill more frequently now? Or does it stay about the same?

The amount of colds I've been getting has stayed the same, really. However, I did get the flu for the first time in about ten years. For some things, though, I think they're just bound to happen eventually. Also, my stress levels skyrocketed after getting my fissure and everyone knows that can lower immunity...
● Fissure first appeared Nov '14
● Cycle of healing and reappearing
● Using conservative methods (metamucil, managing anxiety)
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Re: Lowered immunity?

Postby hurtinend » 26 Aug 2015, 17:29


A fissure is small, localized, like a sore joint say in the elbow or shoulder. To the body it's a bit of irritation but no big deal, it will likely heal, in time.

The fissure is similar, it's localized, a very small injury. Problem is it's likely the most sensitive area of the body, with countless nerve endings. It's the nerves that get you. I say no to it it causing other immunity issues.
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