My Advancement Flap Surgery

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My Advancement Flap Surgery

Postby arslanty » 10 Jul 2019, 13:17

Hi everyone,

I have been reading posts in this forum for some years now but this is my only second post. I must say that I benefited a lot from the forum because, yes doctors know the theory but majority of them never suffered from the problems that affected our lives immensely.

To help anyone out there seeking information on advancement flap surgery now and in future, I thought I would share my experience with anorectal diseases and blog a bit on my progress after advancement flap surgery which was operated in Turkey six days ago.

A bit of background: I had two anal fissure surgeries before (2007 and 2010), both of which were unsuccessful for some reason. When the first one did not solve any of my problems, I decided to go for another one, which presumably healed the internal fissure but left me with a different kind of problem aka anal stenosis. I somehow learnt how to live with it before it got worse after a few periods of severe constipation last year.

When I saw one of the best doctors here last year, he said that I have not only stenosis but also a large fissure and suggested me anoplasty. For rather financial reasons, I delayed it until last week. The operation went well, the doctor said.

The first BM was ok, I did not have more pain than when I had constipation with surgery. Most important, I could clearly feel that I could poo without straining, which was a big relief.

On day 4, however, it started to bleed, not much but like spots in toilet paper. I would not worry if I did not have much pain after BM that continued almost all day long and was the worst when trying to sleep. Also, I had a hard time to keep the area dry because of that thin watery blood mixed with stool. I made an urgent appointment on day 5 with a doctor (not mine as I live in a different city) who saw no problem in my stitches. But having 15-years of experience, I got really down, thinking that it will never heal.

Today is day 6 and I am finally starting to see some improvement. It is drier and for the first time after surgery I did not take any pain killers after breakfast which I had 10 hours ago.

I will update tomorrow after seeing the surgeon who operated me. Fingers crossed.
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Re: My Advancement Flap Surgery

Postby dmcff » 17 Jul 2019, 09:19

Thank you for posting - I'm sorry you have had no responses yet.

I am sure that other members of the forum have experience of advancement flap surgery, and can compare notes - I know that suzyljank posted extensively on this subject several years ago, and there have been other discussions of it since.

I hope that your surgery went well, and that you are feeling better.

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