My pain management tips !!!

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My pain management tips !!!

Postby Optimistic » 22 Jan 2017, 04:59

Hi firstly let me start by saying what a wonderful site this is and how helpful it is, ive had a fissure for around 6-7 weeks now and im going to guve you some pain managment thats worked for me and hopefully may help some others

for me the pain is mostly when going to the toilet and after words

So ive been trying all sorts of different creams, laxitives and home remedies but heres what ive stuck with and its helped a bit

Two 15ml of lactulose per day which keeps my stools at a soft consistancy

I have a bm around every two day so i take one max strength senokot every second day (this doesnt soften the stool but works your gut and helps me relax my anus before having a bm and tbh if i didnt take this i probably would just hold it in till i explode haha)

When going to the toilet i apply a lidocaine topical ointment which numbs the area a bit making it ever so slight more tolerable

I also prepare a nice hot bath and take two paracetomal and one naproxen ( this is basically just stronger ibuprofen) i also make myself a a diluting juice and bring in my phone as a distraction

I take the painkillers just before i run the bath so they have an effect while i am going

Once i start to run the bath i mentally prepare my self and once half filled i just try my best to let go

This is the tricky part for me actually going as it is like passing broken glass one big mistake i have made before is going and then as soon as a bit of poo comes out i clench my cheeks and stop cos of the pain DO NOT DO THIS IT ONLY MAKES IT WORSE AND LAST LONGER whats worse five little bits causing 20 seconds of pain each time or one whole poo causing a max of ten seconds ?

Once ive been i use wet wipes and VERY GENTLY wipe the area clean and then hop in my bath

I used to be able to sit in the baths for up to forty mintues and be pain free but now after around twenty minutes the seem to make it worse to after twenty minutes i carfully get out grav my cold juice, phone and i also take in a fleesy blanket i gently pat myself dry as quick as i can and wrap up the blanket and go to my room

I dont worry avout things getting wet as its only water lol

Once im in my room and this is a crucial step for me in order to prevent hours of after pain, i lie on my bed which i have prepereared with my tv remote and anything else i want so i dont have to mive aroubd to much

On my bed i lie across like side ways and i lie on my side in this position
I bend one leg up lifting it with my foot resting on the bed and the other on the bed slightly bent i then prop my body up i do not know how but this is the best position ever its kind of like a seduction pose lol

If my pain is particularly bad i always find it best to talk to someone as im 16 i still live with my parents so ill usually just ask one of them to come sit with me and just talk with the tv on in the background i find all the distractions help greatly

Also if i have a bad flare up and want to cry i just do it if in screaming in agony so be it this seems to help me and usually theres little to no after pain :D

This is not a healing method this is just pain management

I hope this helps somebody any tips are appreciated good luck

We can get through this !! :lol:
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Re: My pain management tips !!!

Postby jdirect » 27 Feb 2017, 06:14

Thank you for the detailed post. Yes, lactulose is great to make the stool soft. Peronally, it gives me a lot of gas maybe due to the sugar content.

I have been using okra extract and it works great to keep the stuff soft and pass it smoothly. It does not taste great but it really works.

I also read somewhere online that if you just chop up some okras, put them in water, leave overnight and drink first thing in the morning, it will keep the stuff soft and smooth. Also a great remedy for acute constipation.
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Re: My pain management tips !!!

Postby Painnz » 12 Nov 2018, 04:13

I had family (and small children) coming over today and had to rush my BM, I dont have a bath, just a sitz bath but I couldnt go due to rushing and I've been in pain on and off all day, really annoying I feel like my whole life is centred around a BM
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