Mystery Pain, MRI shows nothing

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Re: Mystery Pain, MRI shows nothing

Postby Rachael 1984 » 30 Jun 2014, 14:50

Hi Alyssa,
I'm scared that I'm having this problem too.... After nearly 2 years of suffering, both CRS say I'm healed, but I still get the fissure symptoms, re-tears, burning and general uncomfortable feelings and pain. It radiates to my lady bits too. I've now had pressure tests and I'm seeing the CRS on Thursday. I will cry if I can't have LIS, I just want my life back, but I can't as I live in fear daily of going to the toilet.... I've had Botox used everything going, control my diet and take Movicol. Slowly losing the will to live.... The new CRS thinks I may be re-tearing but couldn't give me any answers until after the tests.

I'm just terrified I may have to live with this... You're not alone, and I'm praying that you get answers... Where are you at? How Many CRS have given you an opinion? Keep fighting. Xxx
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April 2013-Botox-Effective short term
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LIS performed on 17.9.14
Ongoing pain/re-tears. Awaiting pressure test results.
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Re: Mystery Pain, MRI shows nothing

Postby Alyssa » 30 Jun 2014, 20:57


I am located in San Jose, California (USA); I've seen 3 CRS's, 2 general surgeons, my GP, and a physical therapist.. and let me tell you I am exhausted! I will be seeing another CRS next month that perhaps can provide me with more or better insight (he's been in the field for 33 years). Totally confused as to what I should do next....:( The last CRS suggested I try botox since I might have little tears but don't understand how that could be if I have a "normal Sphincter" but it turns out that other people on here still get retears despite it being "normal".
2/14 Fissure developed
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9/5/14 Botox to pelvic floor
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