New mom ...... anal fissure pain

New Mom ..... anal fissure pain

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New mom ...... anal fissure pain

Postby Tota8471 » 14 Apr 2016, 14:20

Hi everyone, am a new mom just had my son 3 weeks ago and since then am in a lot pain, it all started when I got constipated after delivery and I passed a hard stool , it felt like a shredded glass and the then the agony started in couldn't sit. Stand, sleep or even feed my baby. Went to the obgyn she did rectal exam and didn't know what I have. Then went to the ER the did another painful exam and then said it's hemorrhoids they gave me a pain medication and keflex antibiotics and hydrocortisone suppositories I used them along with sitz bath with warm water and salt and then I applied desitin rash cream as I read it helps to keep the area dry, am not gonna lie the swelling around the rectum went down a bit and other could pass a stool but the pain still there. I went to a GI doctor and he scheduled me for a flex scope I did it on Monday and what he told is it have a fissure internal and internal hemorrhoids and I have a tear from the outside, then he prescribed me a nitroglycerin cream to get from the compound pharmacy and apply it internally twice a day. I got it and I use it once in the morning after a bowel and once before bed , now I tried to be on a high fiber diet so I ate a serving of fiber one cereal for breakfast with almond milk and I toke prune I also take colace stool softener 3 times a day but and I drink 5 to 6 16oz water bottles a day and still have a hard stool in the morning, so am thinking that fiber ceral is doing it for me and am gonna do a low fiber diet until this thing is fixed. The problem now is the pain am having after an hour or two from the bowl is very bad and very painful even if passing the stool wasn't as hard. And I only can use the cream twice a day. What can I do, Like today morning my husband put the cream for me and went to work then I had the urge to go and it was not bad after it for 2 hours and then the pain started and it was awful, and no her to help me with the cream and I don't know if I should put now or not, and I can't sit in the tub as there is no one to care for the baby. What do u guys do to relief the pain or if you call it spasm when they happen. And do they go away after the fissure is treated, and how long does it take for fissure to heal ? And what do you guys think of the low fiber diet? And what is the best way to use the nitro cream after or before a bowl movment ?Please help me am confused and in a lot pain . :thanx:
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Re: New mom ...... anal fissure pain

Postby owmybum » 17 Apr 2016, 11:19


Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

It sounds like you're having a pretty hard time of it though.

Could you use a small hand held mirror, so you can lay on your back, legs up and see to put your cream on yourself?? That might be better than waiting for your husband.

Have you got a hot water bottle or heating pad? That might be a good alternative to sit on instead of getting in the bath when you're on your own with the baby.

I would apply the nitro after you have cleaned up from a BM

All the best

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